Thursday, May 11, 2017

Growing Pains But In the Pink

Upon the advice of a friend who uses the product, I picked up a roll of KT-Pro Athletic Stretch Tape yesterday. My friend, who broke her ankle in the winter and still tapes it for extra support, is a swimmer too, and told me that it holds in the pool. I'll see if she's right today. I am wearing bright pink across the top of my foot, giving it a bit more structure and support while it's healing. I'm hoping it will last for several days before I need to switch it out for new strips - it's a bit pricey. I suppose the bright neon pink color I decided upon will be very visible in the pool if it doesn't hold - LOL.

The tape is packed in 20 pre-cut strips each one about
ten inches long. The tape itself stretches, and is
used at various degrees of stretch to achieve different
results. They have an extensive instructional
website if you're interested. Just follow the link

Aearwen and I had a lovely chat yesterday afternoon, and she was a total sweetie, helping me to achieve Kindred ranking with Thorin's Hall for my little Minstrel/Scholar. Task now achieved, my toon moves over to do similar work in the Bree area. Think Barrow Downs - wights and ensorcelled skeletons. Whoot! I've always enjoyed wandering the Barrow Downs, as well as poking my head into the Old Forest and visiting Tom Bombadil. Taking my youngest character through some of the earlier locations to fill in the gaps in her deeds history is turning into a fun project.

This is NOT my toon. I haven't taken any screenshots of my character
in the Barrow Downs yet. But battling skeletons as well as other nasty
undead is the goal in this section of Middle Earth. It's rather fun when
working with a relatively young character. I get to rediscover areas I really enjoy. 

DH has given me firm instructions to phone him as soon as I'm out of the pool and wake him up. He wants to treat me to breakfast on my birthday - a sweet gesture which he'll probably regret most of today while he's falling asleep at his tasks. Since he'll be working on pulling another stump using an ax, I hope he's careful and a bit alert.

The Belgian Waffle Platter in their "Spring Fling" menu
comes with two eggs and two strips of bacon. I tell them
to leave off the whipped cream and put the strawberries
on the side. It's a nice, fresh breakfast meal. 

I, on the other hand, am going to indulge with a Belgium waffle dusted with powdered sugar and sliced strawberries on the side. One of my favorite springtime meals - healthy and oh so good! All of you have a really wonderful day, enjoy your Thursday.

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