Friday, May 12, 2017

Thank You All!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I think I managed to thank each of you individually, but in case you got missed, you did NOT go unappreciated. I had a lovely day. It would have been nice to be busier at work, but we're in the middle of a detailed inventory so there's always something to do. We're just interacting with product and numbers instead of people and projects.

I've always loved owls, so when I saw this lovely cake, I had to share.
I'm sending a virtual slice of this cake to everyone who helped make
my birthday extra special. THANK YOU! 

The KT Tape I mentioned yesterday held up beautifully in the pool, but it is a bit worn this morning. I think I'll leave this grouping on until after my swim, then change it for a new strip. It works out to about $1 per strip, so it's not inexpensive, but one strip is all I need and I have found that it really does help me feel less pain because it's keeping the bones in my foot more stable. I'll look into whether I can buy this with my HSA account funds like I can prescriptions and over the counter medications. If so, I'll buy the next batch that way instead of on a personal credit card.

I love this birthday cake with Minions - evil and less evil.
I saw the previews for the new "Despicable Me 3" movie
which will be coming out this summer, while watching
TV last night. Oh yeah! Gru is back, Minions are back, all
is good! 

DH has been busy attacking stump #2, which he says is even worse than stump #1. The first one took him more than than five days to get chopped out. Hopefully this one will go a bit smoother because we can't spend half the summer just removing stumps from last fall's tree removal. We actually need to get going on the next stage of construction. But, all that physical labor is good for him and will help pull off some of his winter excess weight.

Workouts change in a 50-meter pool. Instead of 36 laps for my mile, I'm
suddenly down to 16 laps for the same distance. Swimming the increased
distance does build stamina, but the pool is very popular and so it's much
more crowded. I can hold my own in there now, unlike several years ago, but
I love having a lane to myself, which only happens indoors during the
week in the summer months. 

I'm just trying to stay on an even keel, finish writing things in my queue and keeping up with emails and LJ. All in all, things could be so much worse. I'm looking forward to my swim this morning. The outdoor pool has been cleaned and was starting to be filled when I checked yesterday. It opens on Memorial Day weekend (the end of May), and I know many of our swimmers are really looking forward to it. I use it sometimes, but I swim a lot in the indoor pool in the summer because it's less crowded and I can work on techniques and try new things without getting into other swimmer's ways. Summer is a wonderful time for me to to try new routines and practice new strokes.

So, on that note, I have to get going. Have a truly excellent day - all! It's Friday, so that can't possibly be bad. Thanks again for the kind wishes and I'm off and running (or swimming - LOL).

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