Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Festival and Writing Don't Mix Well

Fest is finally over and my "life" can return to normal. That means I need to pound out the remaining half of my story that is due tomorrow and get it edited in record time. Hmmmm - nothing like setting the bar high for a person who is a slow writer . I will try my best, though.

Here's a back view of my hunter, flying her silver dragon kite last night at the
Bree fireworks grounds with explosions in the sky. The fireworks were
my favorite part of the 10th Anniversary Festival. By the time it all
ended, I must have launched hundreds of bursting, colorful shells into
the virtual sky. 

Fest was great - two weeks of fireworks, frolicking, and festive clothing. I certainly had a lot of fun, each of my characters got a Windfells Goat (all named 'Obsidian' for some strange reason) and at least one dragon kite, either gold or silver. Above is a screenshot of my hunter at the fireworks in Bree last night, flying her silver dragon kite. Today she'll be back to more normal locales - I believe she currently is about to storm Isenguard, but I could be wrong. What she really needs to do is collect a lot of exotic and higher-level hides for her older sister, the tailor.

I can get a bit snippy when I'm trying to pound out
the remainder of a story. I'm crossing my fingers that
all will go smoothly because I'm really fighting the
clock on this one! 

Today I have to buckle down and apply myself to writing as well as to work at the shop. Yesterday was crazy slow there, and DH was monopolizing my laptop to get his nine characters wrapped up for Fest, so I wasn't able to get any writing done at all. *sigh* Nothing like leaving things for the LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE!

The killer is that I knew exactly what I wanted to write about
weeks ago, but because of the LOTRO 10th Anniversary
Celebration, my time just ran away from me. Argh! 

So, on that note, I'm leaving and buckling down to a bit of computer maintenance that I have to do before I leave for the pool this morning. Have a tremendous Tuesday and Think Spring!

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