Monday, May 8, 2017

Maximizing Fun

Our weekend was spent at our computers, trying to wrap up things, play LOTRO with our characters, and generally being lazy. We need those days every now and again. My damned foot was hurting so I blew off the pool on Saturday and did minimal activity on Sunday. It feels better today after being coddled for two days, so it's off to the pool again this morning.

Ever wondered what Faramir's camp behind the falls at Henneth Annun
looked like? This is the view from LOTRO. It's actually a large, multi-level
complex in an amazingly beautiful landscape. 

Today is the final day of the 10th Anniversary Celebration of LOTRO and, even though I have to work today, I'll still max my characters out. I'm sure I'll have to spend a lot of time helping customers today too, but I'll also take bits and pieces of time in which to finish my story for SWG. That needs to be completed and posted by the 10th. I might have to ask the mods if it is 11:59 pm on the 9th, or 11:59 pm on the 10th to be counted as "on time".

I have my story 3/4 finished, but timing is everything. If I can
proof and edit on Wednesday the 10th, I'll be much happier than if
I have to have it turned in by the 10th. I'll have to double-check
my deadlines. 

The class instructions, supply lists, and other assorted stuff has been clogging my email in-basket lately. That must mean that I need to shift my thoughts from writing to metal for a while. Whoot! Flame, hammers and metal. I'm so chuffed!

I admit that I love working with metal, fire and chemicals.
I really don't think much more makes me happy. So I'm really
looking forward to my time at Bead & Button Show where I
will get to do exactly that for four days. Yippee! 

So, even though today's entry is short and sweet, I'm still here. I'm still writing. I'm still playing on-line. I'm still trying to maximize my fun. That's important, right? Have a wonderful Monday - laugh at least once today!

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