Friday, April 7, 2017

Working? You Must be Joking!

Yesterday and today have been filled with mail orders, some of them international, so my time to read, write and play any computer games has been overshadowed by ... WORK!!!!! Oh no!!! I'm totally laughing at my desk right now, and it's just 4:00 am. I'm hearing the echoing "Voice of Doom" moving through my head as I laugh at the idea that I'm actually supposed to be working while I'm at work. What a concept!

Mark Laub does some of the most amazing furniture
of any wood artist I've ever met, and he's local!
Unfortunately, he's also WAY out of my price range.
But his works are totally amazing and so beautiful. 

I had a spare slice of time yesterday and quickly fleshed out my SWG story. I'll take a bit of time today to review, edit, and edit a bit more if necessary, but I think I'm almost ready to go with it. That's a good thing, because I have to download the darned thing no later than Sunday to squeak in under the deadline. I'm REALLY trying to do the full year and get all of the writer's stamps. I'm not guaranteeing the reviewer's stamps, my time is spread thin.

Suellen Parker works with glass, and she's producing
some very complex fused and folded pieces. This one
is exceptional. I can't wait to look at them closer, since
glass is one of my media and I love working with it. 

My "Audible" membership is almost ready for renewal. Do any of you listen to audio books? I had a period of time there when my vision was more challenged, also, I was listening to audio books while I was on the treadmill. I rarely listen to books any more, but I can still see myself doing that in the future, so I always keep a current membership. It does mean I'll have to buy and download a bunch of books before the end of the month to finish out this year's membership, though.

Catherine Schoenherr makes bracelets in the "Sami" style,
braided and stitched hair on top of reindeer hide. Her work
is beautiful, intricate, and I could actually wear a lot of
it because there is no metal. She teaches in the area and
we occasionally have her students come into the shop
looking for supplies. Unfortunately, we don't sell reindeer hide. 

I've added a few more photos of items I'll be looking at while attending the ACC Show on Sunday. Such pretty things to brighten your day. Have a wonderful Friday!

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