Thursday, April 6, 2017

Things - Beautiful and Otherwise

I didn't get any writing done yesterday, but I did run around Middle Earth and killed 160+ trolls. Does that count for anything? LOL It actually was a normal day filled with laundry and errands. I did get to the office supply store that is closing and they had some of the things that I needed. Unfortunately, they didn't have everything, and one of the things I bought to try didn't work the way that I needed it to, so back it went within two hours after purchase. Oh well, not everything will always work.

Alison Fox works in mixed media. This wall
hanging has some great textures and shapes
in it. It intrigues me. 

In the afternoon I settled down to killing trolls. Poor, innocent trolls - NOT. I needed the XP and I needed the kills to go towards my "Elves of Rivendell" rep which I'm trying to max before leaving that general area and going to other places in Middle Earth. Just killing things is actually really boring, but this time, as I work through the various lands, I am rather determined to finish out the deeds lists before moving on. My higher-level elf hunter was rushed through places by DH and his many dwarves. I didn't have a chance to explore. Now that I'm working on my elf Lore-Master, I want to look around, wander, and totally finish areas before leaving them.

Linda Bahr is doing some really wonderful
and complex work. I suspect most of her
work will be rings, which I can no longer
wear because of metal allergies. But, if she
has bracelets and/or pendants, I can take
a closer look. 

Today it's back to the grind for me. I have a repair to finish, inventory to continue to update, and a bunch of things that we've been pulling out of back stock, pricing, and getting out onto the sales floor that need price tags and inventory double-checks. A "normal" Thursday.

Julie Meyer is making some really nice leather
and canvas bags that look like they will be
extremely durable and utilitarian. I want a
closer look. 

I had a lovely chat with Aearwen yesterday afternoon and got all caught up with what happened on her recent short trip. Toward the end of our talk, she brought one of her LOTRO characters in so that I could see what she looked like and what her horse was wearing (pretty fancy, really nice!). A long time ago we played together sometimes, but these days I'm more of a loner. It was fun to see her in-game, though. A treat.

Peggy and Steve Kittleson make kaleidoscopes.
What total fun! They always are a mandatory
stop for me because I adore kaleidoscopes. 

I've peppered this post with the works of several artists I will be checking out on Sunday at the American Craft Council Show. Such pretty things. I'm making a list of booth numbers that I want to make sure I visit. I love looking at beautiful things and meeting talented people. Have a wonderful Thursday and I hope you enjoy the eye candy I put out for you.

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