Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Castle Recommences

Thanks to everyone for mouse input. It's been very helpful. Tomorrow I hope to get out to the office supply store and put my hand on some of the display models to figure out what will work best in my hand. DH used my computer yesterday for a while and he hated my mouse even more than I do, even though it was behaving itself relatively well yesterday. Oh well, I know it's a problem and I'll have to try and resolve it.

It's going to be a week of cooler weather with rain. Great for
the flowers, trees and grass, not so good for my personality
or DH's progress on the Castle. 

We're back into some cold and rainy weather for a few days, which is a bit of a bummer. DH had resumed work on the Castle last week, moving loads of dirt from a pile he left in late fall so that he could start work on Phase II of the construction. He was looking forward to continuing this week, but the weather might not cooperate. He'll have warm temps today, but that will fade with rain that will appear in the late afternoon. The rest of the week will probably be too cold - at least Thursday will be. Friday will be chilly, but he may go out and work for a while anyway. He has a lot on his agenda for this summer, so it's full steam ahead once more.

As a reminder, this is what DH accomplished last summer in our back
yard. I call it "The Castle". It extends a bit beyond on each side, but it's the
best overall photo I have of the stonework. This was all done by hand, no way
to get machinery into this part of our yard. 

On that note, I'm making this quick and simple today. I'm rushed and I also have a birthday wish to get posted, so I hope all of you have a wonderful Tuesday and thanks once again for the input on computer mice that you have and love. It's nice to know that there are contented people working with them out there. Happy Tuesday!

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