Monday, April 24, 2017

Mice and Road Construction

Thanks for the input on mouse problems, I tried a different USB input on Saturday and I'll check out a different (smaller spare that I keep on hand for emergencies) mouse today and see how that one works. DH and I played all day on Sunday, but that was on my desktop and that mouse was just fine, so I suspect it is a mouse issue. Just one more test and I'll probably break down and order something a bit more up-scale than a $10 sale item. LOL

I'm thinking of ordering a two-button mouse like this. It might
be easier for my hand. If I have time on Wednesday, I'll drop by
the Office Supply store and test out a few varieties to see what
fits my hand the best. I need to buy some copy paper for the
shop, anyway. 

I had a busy Saturday and a lazy Sunday, just the way I like it. Today I have a Chiropractor appointment in the early morning for the first time since road construction began on the route that I take. Oh joy! I'll have to build in a bit more time to get out that direction so that I can accommodate any road construction issues. I may as well get used to it, I'll be dealing with it until late in the year. We always say that Minnesota has two seasons - Winter and Road Construction.

I saw this picture and just had to share. It might not be
true (I've seen the road guys in action and they work
pretty hard), but it's just plain funny! 

I got my first list of supplies for one of my scheduled classes for Bead & Button in my email overnight. It's hard to believe that time is moving so quickly, but yes, it is only about six weeks or so until I head out to Milwaukee once again. I guess I'd better get that oil change appointment and general auto checkup scheduled!

I'll build in some extra time today because I don't know exactly
how they will have the lanes arranged, but it won't take long
to get acquainted with this year's blockades and detours. *sigh*

So, nothing much to say today except that it's the start of a new week. I have to get going on writing my SGW story, and of course I'll continue playing in the Festival events at Lord of the Rings Online. At least I'm occupied and can't get into too much trouble in the virtual arena. Have a wonderful Monday, I'm looking forward to my shortened swim and seeing my Chiro once again. Enjoy the Day!

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