Saturday, April 22, 2017

LOTRO 10th Anniversary and Mouse Problems

It's the weekend, I have one more day in the pool today before I can sleep in tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to some sleep! And ... I just remembered that I planned to make breakfast tomorrow and I don't think I remembered to buy eggs while I was at the store on Wednesday. Crap! I'll have to ask DH to take a quick trip to the store for me today and he won't be happy about it. Oh well, it's either buy the eggs today or eat out for breakfast tomorrow.

Thursday started the Anniversary Celebration with daily scavenger hunts,
fireworks shows, and miscellaneous events crossing the Shire. We often skip
events like this, but there are some unusual housing items that only become
available during the Festivals, so we're playing this time and having a blast! 

We've been super tied up in the Lord of the Rings Online 10th Anniversary Celebration. It started on Thursday and he's been working on how to get my Level 51 character into a few areas which are geared for levels twice as high as I am for the last three items on my Scavenger List. He thinks he might have figured it out, I'm not so sure, but we'll give it a shot on Sunday and see how successful we are.

We've been playing LOTRO since the beta days, so it's actually been longer
than ten years for us, but we don't play it constantly. DH plays more frequently
than I do. He has more patience than I do. But when the winter comes or when
it's raining outside and he can't work in the garden, he'll go into Middle Earth
for a few hours. 

Question for those of you who use a wireless mouse for your computers. Do you find that the type/brand of mouse really makes a difference in the ability to control? I'm getting super frustrated by problems with my mouse while working on my laptop at the shop, but I'm wondering if it is the mouse, or if maybe a cable is being pinched in one hinge that isn't positioning correctly now that the laptop is getting older. What do you think? Would I perhaps resolve the issue if I purchased a mouse that costs more than $10 on sale?

I have a really cheap wireless mouse for my laptop, and it is
acting up. I don't care about having to try something twice if
I'm working on a text document, but if I can't target a goblin
while trying to survive a solo run in Goblin Town, it's NOT
a good thing. Do you have a mouse that you love and would
recommend to me? 

On that note, I'm leaving you. I'm grabbing my swim bag and heading to the gym for their 6:00 am door unlocking time. The pool is calling. Have a wonderful weekend, celebrate Earth Day in a way that lessens your footprint on our Mother Earth. In fact, why not choose one item to change for this coming year that will make your carbon footprint less. After doing it for a year, it will be a habit and you can choose a second thing to add to your conscious actions for the Earth. Happy Day!

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