Monday, April 10, 2017

Sunday Was Marvelous

I'm running late today, even though I woke before my alarm. Go figure. Yesterday was a perfect day, although I got very little computer work done. Still, DH and I had a lovely day at the American Craft Council Show. We wandered the show the first time with Chickie and Chickie-Mama, and walked it through one more time solo, then left and had a drink at one of the downtown institutions - Mancini's Char House, finally returning home in the early afternoon.

Mancini's Char House is a Saint Paul institution. Founded in 1948, it
still draws the crowds. The many pictures on the walls of the bar area
attest to a lot of very famous people stopping by there, from sports stars
to Frank Sinatra. It was a fun place to have a quick beer and catch up
on the golf on our way home from the Craft Show. 

We spent our time together watching The Masters golf championship - what a phenomenal final round it was! We also flipped back and forth to the baseball game. Last year our team started the season with a 0-9 record before finally winning a game. This year we've won all but one game so far, so things are looking up.

The Reese Extreme Blizzard was AMAZING and SO GOOD! It
has Reese's Pieces and chunks of Reese Peanut Butter Cups in
the ice cream. I was VERY happy with it. The perfect topping
to a really nice day. 

Finally, to top off the day, we had a nice dinner at The Tavern Grill and had small Blizzard of the Month treats from our local Dairy Queen. It was lovely. We topped everything off by watching a DVD and called it an early night. We have a possible threat of snow over the next two days, so it's back to the winter coat for a little bit. Then we'll be back in the 60's once again. Crazy weather at this time of the year is expected.

DH played my Lore Master character in Lord of the Rings Online
early yesterday morning so that I could grab a "Moth Horse" before
Spring Festival shut down. So, I now have a Moth Horse, and
she's a beauty. 

I hope your weekend was wonderful. I did have time to post my latest Silmarillion Writer's Guild tale - "Feanor Never Planned to Fall in Love". I wanted my original artwork that inspired the piece to also post, but I've been having some problems getting it to show up correctly. The moderators are helping me out with that, so I hope that when you (that's the collective "you") have a chance to read the short tale, that my illustration will be there for you to see also. Have a great Monday!

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