Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Snow

Ah, Spring in the Frozen Northlands. Sunday was in the 60's, coats were left in the car. Monday started in the 50's and the temp fell all day. By the time I left work, we were in the low 40's and it was raining. By the time I went to sleep, it was in the 30's and we had an inch of snow on the ground. We were supposed to have gotten between 1"-2" of snow by this morning, so I'll have icy patches on the roadways as I drive to the gym and then to work today. But today will be the reverse of yesterday, starting in the 30's and ending in the 50's. Spring in Minnesota - gotta love the variety.

I've been seeing Red Breasted Robins around yards now for a couple
of weeks. They are hardy birds, but wise enough to leave for the
winter. They'll usually have 1-3 snows after they return, so this is
the first one they'll have this year. 

I thought since it was snow in April, I'd throw in some snow pictures here. I'm on a time crunch, so let's see what I can find for pretty things for you to look at.

Just look at these Chickadees in the snow. I love how they are
all clustered along the branches, huddled together. 

I love these Easter decorations that have been snowed upon. Easter is
this coming Sunday, and even though our snow will be melted by
then, it's still funny to see the Easter Bunny wearing a snow blanket. 

This is perfect for us up here in the Frozen Northlands. Many of
my friends have already been turning the earth and planting cold
hardy early flowers and plants already. It's frost danger until
the end of May, but people are always optimistic about their

So there you have it, a bit of early Spring humor. I hope you have a truly wonderful Tuesday. I'm going to take my time driving to the gym this morning. I need gas in my car, so I think I'll leave early and get that done on the way. Enjoy your day and I hope you liked the photos.

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