Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Here and Gone - Snow and Human Rights

As is typical of a light spring snow, everything was melted and gone by noon and by the end of the afternoon, our temperatures were in the 50's - coat carrying weather instead of winter coat wearing weather. There have been times we've had massive spring snows, but this was more typical. One of my friends noted that she had rarely had spring snow in her life. Although I've lived in places were it is usually snow-free by the end of March, I've also lived in places where the snow could still surprise us in May. I guess I just roll with the punches.

This photo from Michigan really made me laugh. Our
snow from yesterday morning is already melted. 

Speaking of - a couple more of my good friends have joined the current Live Journal exodus. I'm part of DreamWidth too, but I find interaction there much more stumbling. Still, I hate to lose friends over a "Red Scare" so I'll make the attempt to keep up with those of you who have shifted over. At this point, I feel that most things on the internet exist in many areas and that there is nowhere that is "safe" for posting much of anything. But my communities and the majority of my friends are on Live Journal, so that will continue to be my primary posting location.

Several more of my LJ friends have posted that they have
left LJ for DW. I'm on DW too, but I'll stick with LJ for
the time being. I can't live my life in fear or hide under a rock. 

That said, I still do post my daily blog to DreamWidth too, so you won't be out of touch with me. I just always feel that I don't get full notifications of everyone else's posts on DW.

I've been fighting for LGBTIAQ rights for years now. I guess
the fight will continue for the rest of my life. *sigh*

I notice that North Carolina is trying to get a bill through their legislature that would once again make gay marriage illegal in that state. My cousin has already moved away, so she won't be directly affected by this, but it's such a disappointing move backward. They finally change their "bathroom bill", and then jump right back into the muck with this new idea. I'm extremely disturbed about this latest turn of events.

Once again, what was thought to be the law of the land is
being called into question. Sexual orientation is not a
"choice" it is genetically hard-wired. ARGH! 

So, today is my "day off" and my list of errands is ridiculously full. I hope each of you has a wonderful and joy-filled day. I'll be back on Thursday.

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