Thursday, April 13, 2017

LOTRO Housing - Too Much Fun!

I didn't get as much done yesterday as I needed/wanted to, but that's not unusual. One really nice thing was spending time on the phone with Aearwen. We met in-game on Lord of the Rings Online and toured through each other's houses. Although we each own smaller homes in the original housing developments, we also own "McMansions" on the Cape of Belfalas, south of Dol Amroth. DH and I have been having a lot of fun furnishing and decorating our respective houses. Aearwen has owned hers for a longer time than we have, so it was really fun to see a fully-decorated home.

The new houses for Lord of the Rings Online are huge, with many rooms
and an interior atrium, along with three side yards, all of which can be
decorated to taste and personal style. DH and I own adjoining houses, as we
do in the smaller housing development from years ago. We're having a
blast getting them furnished. Each house becomes so different inside. Aearwen's
home was really lovely in a style of Gondor and Rohan. 

DH has also bought me a "pet" for the game. It's a cosmetic enhancement for my character, basically just follows me around. He bought me a snake, and it's a hoot. I really love it when it's climbing the stairs behind me. That snake can really move!

One of the nicest things about the new housing development is
the view. The houses overlook the western view of the Bay of Belfalas,
featuring a variety of ships and several small islands. It's really gorgeous. 

It was a productive and fun day yesterday, but more in the world of fantasy than that of real life. That means that I'm massively behind in reading your posts and comments and I apologize. I'll try to get caught up during the day today and tomorrow because I know I have missed a couple of birthdays and have at least two coming up tomorrow. I'd better get my head out of fantasy and into reality for a little while.

OMG, I missed a couple of birthdays, and I have some coming up
quickly. I'd better get my head back into Real Life and leave the
fantasy behind me for a bit. Time to catch up! 

So here's to all of you on this Thursday morning. Many of you are moving to Dreamwidth. If you would like to friend me there (and I hope that you do), I'm ERULISSEDANCES on Dreamwidth, so please add me to your circle so that I won't lose track of you. Have a totally excellent day!

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