Friday, April 14, 2017

LOTS of Birthdays!

OMG - LOTS of birthdays this week, and I've been swamped with real life and have barely had time to write, let alone separately post, good wishes and long distance hugs to WAY too many people. Mea culpa, my friends. I'm so sorry. Each of you deserves a separate post and birthday wish, but I know I don't have the time for that. So ... here's your "shout out" and I'm sending all of the balloons, cake, party horns and streamers in a virtual shower to each and every one of the following:

* blslarner

* stormwreath

* huinare

* wheelrider, and

* jordan_c_price

When I saw this cake, I knew I had to choose it for all of the above
birthdays, because I know several of you would appreciate the
dinosaur skeleton decorations. 

Some VERY special ladies in that list. Happy Birthday to each of you and may you have many more.

There are a lot of LOTR birthday cakes out there, but this one was
really well done. Just one more cake to celebrate your special days! 

It's Good Friday today, so many of you have the day off from work. I don't, but that's what happens when you're self-employed. Hopefully with all of my customers taking time off, I'll have an opportunity to be busy at the shop today. DH will be out shopping for groceries and sundries - I wonder what he'll pick up for our Easter Sunday dinner?

I seem to be pulling into my shell once more. It's not a good thing, but as long
as I watch myself carefully, it might not be a bad thing either. Sometimes
a little mental R&R can be just the thing! 

I can't believe I've pulled back so far into my shell again after such a prolific and "out there" March. I could be writing, indeed, I should be writing, but I just can't get my head into the process right now. I'm sure I'll get back to it again, but I guess I needed a little break. At least DH is happy, we're spending more time playing together in Middle Earth in LOTRO, and that's making him very happy.

We're not quite this far along in Spring yet, we have the green grass and the
first bushes have their leaves, but our trees aren't showing their leaves
yet. Give it another one to two weeks and we'll be fully into spring with
flowering trees and lots of tulips. 

So, if you have today off from work, get outdoors a bit, enjoy whatever weather you are having in your area. We're finally back to normal temps and, although we're supposed to have rain tomorrow, the rest of the extended weekend is supposed to be lovely. Have a great Friday!

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