Saturday, April 15, 2017

It's Easter Weekend - Have a Great One!

It's Easter weekend and many of you will be celebrating this second of the major Christian holidays. If you are joining together with family and/or friends over the weekend, I hope all of you have a wonderful time with everyone and enter next week on a happy, fulfilled note.

Happy Easter to each of you who celebrate this holiday. For
the rest of you, enjoy the first days of Spring. 

I'll be trying to get caught up with computer things on Sunday, but I'm also sure I'll be spending the day with DH and that he'll want to play LOTRO for a few hours. I admit, decorating my house has gotten me interested in the game once more, so I'm having some fun with it too. But I want to catch up with some of my on-line friends too. I feel rather like all of my friends have been cast to the back of the bus, and I'm really sorry about that! You're, each and every one of you, important to me. I really need to find my balance in all of this.

I need to find a balance between work, play, and my friends. Along with that
I need to fit in writing, reading, and of course my daily swim. 

Spring has finally sprung here. I'm seeing the earliest flowers start to poke their heads out, the willow branches are showing that intense gold that they get at this time of the year, and the greens of new grass are so bright and cheery. We'll soon have the first leaves on the trees and I'll be in the middle of my favorite season, the time when color returns to my world.

It was nice to immerse myself in Anne Rice's
vampire universe once again. Although there are
times when the story drags, in general I was
quite happy to have spent the time reading it. 

I just finished reading Anne Rice's newest vampire novel, "Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis". Although I found it a slow read in parts (is it really necessary to describe what each vampire in the council is wearing every time?) in general I found the newest characters to be intriguing. I left the book thinking about the characters and the directions things might go from there. That's the mark of a successful book for me, so even though it took me longer than usual to read the 460+ pages, I think it was worth it and I'm happy I read it. If you like her vampire series and have been on the fence about this novel, go ahead and read it. It's a good one.

I'm not exactly sure the best way to roast this, so I'd better
do some research today so that I don't overcook it tomorrow. 

On that note, I'm going to do a quick look-up on Manhattan Roast recipes. That's what DH bought for Easter dinner, so I'd better figure out how to cook it. Have a wonderful weekend, A quick "shout out" to my BFF, Sharon, who'll be singing something wonderful in the Easter Choir and I'll be back on Monday.

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