Monday, April 17, 2017

I Had A Wonderful Easter - Did You?

Well, looking at my clock, I have 20 minutes to pull this together. Several lovely friends sent me e-cards for Easter. Although I sent responses and thank-yous out for each one, I also am putting a big "THANK YOU" here because it was so thoughtful of each of you to take that little bit of extra time to send it. So sweet!

Jacquie Larson e-cards are always lovely and light-hearted
with beautiful artwork and lovely background music. It's
always a treat to find one in my in-box. 

DH and I spent the day playing LOTRO together while we watched our hockey team get beaten by St Louis yet again. The final game in this series will be Wednesday (or there may be one more afterward if we're really lucky). St Louis is playing great, and we're not focused enough to pull it off. They deserve the win if we don't come to play.

The Minnesota Wild were playing great until we hit
the playoffs. Then it was like someone turned the
lights out. Now they've lost three in a row and it's
not looking hopeful. 

The Manhattan Roast was a tremendous success. It only took an hour to cook (next time I might leave it in for an extra 15 minutes just to get it closer to a true medium from the medium rare I had), and the meat was tender and seasoned really nicely. We'll get another two meals out of it, so all things taken into consideration, it was money well spent. We added noodles and green beans with almonds as side dishes - so very tasty!

The Manhattan Roast cooked up really easily - practically no
muss, no fuss. I'd definitely get one again - the meat was
wonderful and the cost per portion very affordable. 

DH then spent the evening watching all sorts of shows concerning Biblical archaeology and aspects of Jesus, while I watched cooking shows and tried to kill more virtual critters on LOTRO in the downstairs study. It was a really nice day in my household and I hope your Easter was equally enjoyable.

I think Biblical Archaeology can be fascinating, but I prefer to deal with
the Old Testament and the Egyptian area. Here is a lovely piece from
Nippur, dating to the third century B.C.E. 

Now, to grab some pictures for this and head out to the gym. The pound I gained from yesterday's food excesses was well worth it, but I don't want it to be a permanent visitor - LOL. Have an EXCELLENT Monday!

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