Thursday, April 27, 2017

Happy Patron Saint Day to the Isle of Man

Yesterday was unpleasant and I was moving at a snail's pace through my errands, but some basic pain pills and a sedentary afternoon did help. After blowing off the gym yesterday, I'll be back in the water today and I'm quite sure I'll face questions from the rest of my 5:00 am group regarding my absence yesterday. It's all good, though.

Since I'm usually one of the first three people in line at the gym, and
rarely miss a day, I'll be asked a lot of questions today. 

Yes, the foot still hurts and it's still a bit swollen, but I finally found a set of shoes that I can wear and I'll try to spend as much time as possible seated today. Tomorrow will be even better because that's how these things work. Taping has been helpful, and I'll strip yesterday's tape off after my swim today and replace it a bit later with a new batch. I'll heal - bones do that - and I'll beat myself up about my very sleepy act of pure stupidity that led to this ridiculous result. Such a silly and clumsy girl!

I came across this really lovely map of the Isle of Man while looking
for a photo of the Patron Saint. Obviously this isn't the saint, but
it is a beautiful rendition of the Isle. Somewhere there is my friend
and her family. I'd love to visit some day. What I find most amusing
about this map, however, is that it is topsy turvy. The turtle should swim
down, not up. 

Waves out to my friend on the Isle of Man today - it's the day of their Patron Saint. That's actually pretty kewl. I don't think we have patron saints here in the USA. If we do, I haven't heard of them. I suppose a few cities might have one or two hanging around the stratosphere, but not the nation. I think we left stuff like that behind when the first residents of Europe sailed over to our shores. I'm absolutely certain that our Native American tribes didn't have patron saints. I'll celebrate along with the rest of the Isle of Man today, and I'll keep you, your husband, and your fabulous daughter in my thoughts today. Hugs from across the pond heading your way from the Frozen Northlands.

Here's the lovely Isle of Man, correctly oriented, the
turtle swimming down, head to the left. Just needed
to set the geographical record straight - LOL. 

Have a wonderful Thursday, all. I'll still be moving a bit slower today, but I'm going on record - I refuse to let such a silly thing like a cracked bone slow me down for long. Do a simple kindness for someone today - brighten their day and start a new ripple.

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