Friday, April 28, 2017

Cheese and Bouncing Back

Today's Google Doodle celebrates Marie Harel's 256th birthday. Apparently she is credited as the person who discovered/invented/figured out the recipe for Camembert cheese. Oh yummy! I adore Camembert cheese, so I'm sending a bit "Thank you" out to Marie Harel because - cheese! Oh yeah!

Bob Sawyer makes an amazing pair of shoes. I purchased my
pair from him more than ten years ago and he resoled them once
for me. They are my go-to black pair of shoes and they are
so comfortable. The advantage of a custom-made pair of shoes
is that each foot can be just that bit different, and everyone's feet
actually are. I'm finding they work well for me with my current
foot issues. 

The toe is doing better. Yesterday's swim was stunningly off pace - I ended up almost five minutes slow for my mile. I could only push off the wall with my uninjured foot, and I couldn't point and flex the injured foot for my breast-stroke kicks, so my directional focus was a bit wonky. But I made it through the workout and today will be one bit better again. It's all sorts of lovely colors - quite technicolor in its way. It's still swollen, but my Renaissance Festival shoes by my friends at Beaver Tracks work well even with the tape around my foot, so I have one pair of shoes I can wear with relative comfort.

I just keep bounding back, like bouncing on
a trampoline. 

I thank all of you for the kind "you silly doofus" and "get well soon" messages. You're absolutely right - I was a totally silly doofus and really need to watch myself a bit closer so as to save myself additional pain and issues in years to come. It was a royally silly thing that I did to wrack myself up this way, and I'll be paying the price for a while. But pain pills in the morning followed by a good tape-up when I get home from the pool seems to work all right and allow me to work effectively even though things might hurt a bit. It'll heal and I refuse not to bounce back.

We had a dusting of spring snow yesterday morning, but it was finished
by mid-morning and melted shortly afterward. North of us they
actually had some more serious amounts, but we just had
a reminder of what we have now left behind us. 

So have a wonderful Friday. We were cold enough (and wet enough) yesterday to actually have snow pelting my windshield on my way to the gym. I think today should be a bit warmer. I hope so - we are tired of winter trying to hang on when the trees are already in flower. Think Spring and have a fun day.

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