Saturday, April 1, 2017

Achievements and Future Goals

Oh yeah! Success feels so good. I posted my final story for B2MeM yesterday afternoon - a tongue-in-cheek irreverent look at one of my favorite characters - FĂ«anor. There's no way to tell the tale of this mish-mash of extremely poor decision-making that details his life without going a bit over the top in words, so this, although my final post for the month, also is my longest. I hope that those of you reading my posts on B2MeM will have patience with this final one, At least it's a fun read (I hope). 

Feanor is one of my favorite characters. Spoiled Prince,
amazingly talented craftsperson, and someone who
carries a grudge to the grave. A Bad Boy who
rings my chimes. 

I'm looking forward to a weekend where I can concentrate on my next story, one for the Silmarillion Writing Guild monthly challenge. I could have combined the prompt with one of my B2MeM stories, but I decided I wanted each challenge to stand alone on their own merits. It might have been a stupid move if I can't come up with a theme or twist to write about, but hopefully my focus won't leave me now and I'll bet something together on time. I guess I should double-check my firm deadline for this one - LOL. 

The quote I need to use for my inspiration is this one by Herman
Melville. I'm one of the rare people who's not a great fan of
Mr Melville's writing, but I will figure out something that will
work with the quotation. 

So, I'm doing a short post today because my fingers are tired - LOL. It's been a lot of keyboarding so I'm going to give my fingers a short break of 30-45 minutes. Have a great weekend and Happy April Fool's Day. 

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