Friday, March 31, 2017

Fighting Time - The Final Day for B2MeM

It's the final day of the month and the final post for B2MeM is still in the works. I'm fighting time and I'm trying to not let it win. I don't have a huge amount of the story left - it's actually a personal essay for my final Wild Card, but in essence it is a type of story. I've gotten everything else completed, through yesterday. I reviewed everything posted in this month's B2MeM (well, I might have missed a few, but I'd say I'm upward of 95%); I wrote 31 stories, one for each prompt of the Red Path; I made a piece of artwork for one Wild Card; I posted six B2MeM Fanfic recommendations late last night for my second Wild Card assignment; and I only have the one Orange Path Wild Card remaining. My DH will be VERY happy when the clock hits midnight tonight. I'll be very happy when I get this final item posted, hopefully before the end of the work day today.

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, B2MeM 2017 will be over. I will have
completed the Red Path, and done one item each from the Blue, Orange,
and Yellow Paths for my Wild Cards. It's been a heck of a run, but I've had
so much fun. Now to dial down the intensity level once again. 

I love getting mail orders in my business, we've accepted them from our web site since 1999, and they are a small, but important, part of my business. The killer is when I get an order that I know I can't fill, and I got one of those yesterday. So today I'll be pulling what I can, getting the information together, and then phoning the customer to let them know that a huge amount of what they wanted isn't available and can't be gotten. I told him that yesterday, but now I'll have specifics to discuss. Still, it leaves the customer wanting something I can't provide and that's a disappointment to both of us.

I'm a small business, not Amazon. When I get orders for 30-50 of items I'm usually
ordering in quantities of 4, we're going to have a problem filling the order. 

Yesterday's swimming didn't. I have no idea why, but our Life Guard, usually as predictable as clockwork, was running late and not there by the time the doors were unlocked at 5:00 am. Rosemary and I looked at each other - we were both running really tight time schedules yesterday - we turned, and we left. We were followed by Kevin and Vann. I'm sure a Life Guard showed up eventually, but the four of us skipped our Thursday swim, and that's a day that I often get a lane to myself, so I was super disappointed.

We can't swim without a Life Guard, even though we're all experienced
swimmers. I'm sure Rachel will be there today, and I'll be curious
about what happened yesterday. I was disappointed to miss my
swim, but since I'm in the water every day, missing one isn't the
end of the world, just inconvenient. 

So, since today is the final day of the month, I'm hoping for better results to end my month. A Life Guard, a good swim (even though I'll probably have to share a lane with Rosemary and have the Three Musketeers in the lane next to me - lots of waves from the three guys), a nice breakfast, a quick run to the bank and then setting up the laptop and trying to finish my final B2MeM offering. I hope each of you has a wonderful Friday. I'll be back on April Fool's Day.

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