Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Tavern - I'd Go Again

Yesterday was my "day off" and with Aearwen unavailable for our weekly chat, I focused on B2MeM instead, and also tried out a new local eatery with possibilities for a nice meal with Matt and Liz, good friends who I don't get to see very often. I posted the "Limited Palette" pen and ink drawing I made for "Nerdanel at Mandos" late yesterday on the B2MeM boards. That leaves me with a post on Fandom Recommendations and and Original Essay to finish out my month. It was fun to pull out my easel and do some artwork, although I'm out of practice so everything took a bit longer. My automatic eraser had died, so I had to go quickly and get a new one. Fortunately they're not expensive, and I now have a new one that I'll store a bit better.

Lunch - A grilled chicken fillet with Swiss cheese and a slice of
grilled pineapple on a croissant bun with waffle fries and Bourbon
Red bar-b-que sauce. The ketchup for the fries is on the right, the
bar-b-que sauce is on the left and they're in clever holders to
allow for hands-free dipping. 

Onward to lunch, which was really nice. The Tavern Grill - Restaurant + Bar opens at 11:00 am, and I didn't want to carve a huge chunk of time out of my day, so I was there by 11:05 am or so. I was glad I was early, I had a chance to really look over the menu and the place was already pretty busy by the time I left an hour or so later. I ended up using their Build-A-Meal menu choices to build a chicken sandwich.

I asked for two of my options to be on the side - the coleslaw 
and the sliced black olives. They were wonderful
add-ons as I was eating my chicken burger, but I wanted
that slaw separately and I was really happy I made that
choice. The bar-b-que sauce was light, very pour-able. 

As you can tell, I loved my lunch. My plates are totally
cleaned up. It was really good food and the cost wasn't bad
at all. Their beer list isn't great, but they do have Guinness,
so I'll be happy when I come back if I decide to indulge. 

I have to tell you - it was fantastic. I mean REALLY good. The fries were perfectly seasoned and properly crisp, the chicken wasn't soggy, the Bourbon Red bar-b-que sauce was a light sauce with just a touch of sweet, and getting some of the toppings on the side meant I had a nice side of coleslaw and could sprinkle my black olive slices as I wanted.

I used their Build-A-Burger menu - lots of options
so you can get exactly what you want. Normally I
would have opted for Onion Rings instead of fries,
but I wanted to check the fries out and I was really
happy that I did. 

The Build-A-Pizza menu looks really good too. Some
excellent choices on there, including a gluten-free
crust for a small additional charge. 

To drink, I had a raspberry iced tea, and it wasn't too sweet. It came with a free refill, but one glass was just perfect for me. The best part? The whole meal was less than $12.50! I thought it was a really good deal for a really nice lunch. I'd definitely go back again. I'd like to try one of their "Build Your Own Salad" options, and they have a Sunday Brunch from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm every Sunday before switching over to the regular dinner menu. I'd like to try that too.

I want to try their Build-A-Salad, maybe the
next time I go back, because there WILL be a
next time. There are so many choices! I'll have
to study the listings and really figure out what
I want before I go there again. 

I mentioned that they have Brunch on Sundays. They
have a Build-A-Bloody Mary choice menu too, with
munchies, vegetables, flavorings and specific vodka
choices listed. Yummy! 

I peppered this with photos, partially to show what I had, and also making up for yesterday's short and lackluster post. I hope you have a totally terrific Thursday in all respects and I'll be back tomorrow.

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