Monday, April 3, 2017

Breathing Space - Not Too Much, Not Too Fast

I have some breathing space! It's a bit of a shock, but rather nice for a change. I don't have a hard deadline on a story for a week, so I'm actually taking my time. I know what I'm going to write and I did start yesterday, but only a paragraph to set the mood. Now I have to get myself into the headset of composition once again, but without the pressure cooker I was in during March. B2MeM was fun, but it's going to be really nice to take a bit more time.

Normally you have a group of several characters who join together
for Fellowship quests. Here, six adventurers are ready to enter the
final phase of the quest in Elendil's Tomb. We did it as a group of two. It
wasn't easy, but we succeeded. DH's dwarves are pretty awesome. 

DH and I spent a good deal of time yesterday playing Lord of the Rings Online together. I had a knarley quest that would have killed me within the first four adversaries. Fellowship quests are ones that you want a group of people to go in with you. For me, they are the kind of events where you want another character of high level, preferably one who can resurrect you and handle almost anything thrown at him. I asked DH for help and he brought in one of his many dwarves, this one not capped, but still high at level 101. It was all that I needed to achieve the goal and survive the Tomb of Elendil. Success!

The Baltimore ACC Show is their largest venue. This photo is from
one of their Baltimore exhibitors in 2003. Some really interesting
metal work going on here. 

All in all, Sunday was a very lazy day, which I needed. This coming Sunday we'll be at the American Craft Council Show after a nice breakfast out. It's a regular on our calendar, we attend every year to see what's new in the world of fine crafts. There's usually something that we find interesting, but we rarely buy anything any more - we really don't need more clutter, and I think we're fine on things to sit on tables or hang on walls. So, it's probably going to be an inexpensive day for us - just breakfast and whatever they charge for parking.

These hand-made glass bowls are really attractive. These
were also at the Baltimore show, but there is always someone
and something different to catch the eye every year we
attend. There are three shows annually - Baltimore,
Saint Paul, and San Francisco. 

It's Monday so time to get moving and join the herds as they move from home to wherever they work. Road construction begins on several major streets and highways today, so our summer of pain is beginning already *sigh*. I hope all of you have a wonderful Monday, I'll be back tomorrow!

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