Saturday, March 4, 2017

Night Into Day Continues - Two Stories Today

B2MeM is always a challenge for me. It's a super busy month - at work and at home. Add a heavy schedule for writing to the mix and it gets even more difficult and crowded. Yesterday I took some serious time and tried to get a bit ahead on my writing assignments. I pounded out Day 3 and am almost finished with Day 4. I did take the time to look through my entire list of prompts and number them. There are 31 days in March but I have 32 prompts! I'll have to double up to make it happen, and the Wild Cards and Acts of Kindness are icing on the cake, not actual days. I'm just hoping I haven't picked too much to do.

I love this beautiful picture of Night into Day. It's not a banner for
the challenge, but what a wonderful image. It's so peaceful. I think
we all need some peace every now and again. 

I'll be posting two stories today, one about a small hobbit girl in the Old Forest and her unexpected rescuer, the second about the meeting of two great musicians on the outskirts of a muddy field. I'll try to poke in a review or two for my Act of Kindness and begin working on my next prompt: Dreams.

I also love this photo manip of night into day. The two aspects
of the tree really embellish the image, and the clouds
make it live. 

Maybe my dream is actually being able to walk this red path. DH is already getting upset that I'm not spending enough time with him and am only writing. The month is just beginning. It's going to be a long haul, but I'm really loving the loosely structured freedom that the B2MeM Game Board is affording me. I'm thinking and writing on my feet again instead of editing things to within an ounce of life. It's good for me - a NaNoWriMo for my Tolkien soul.

One final photomanip for you to enjoy. Here, it is a
mirror image that has color manipulation for the
coloring. I like it, though. It's quite lovely. 

Have a great weekend. I'll have my swim, breakfast, and then settle back to my computer to begin working on my next prompt. Enjoy!

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