Monday, March 6, 2017

Several Stories for B2MeM

I posted three stories to B2MeM on Sunday: "A Dream Assignment" about Boromir and Faramir and a strange dream; "And Maedhros Wept" dealing with the sailing of the ships to the East by FĂ«anor and his sons; and, "A Brighter Light Was Never Seen" about Gimli's reactions when looking into the waters of the Mirrormere after Gandalf's battle in Moria. I'm working on story #8 and trying hard to keep the momentum going because any little step ahead I get gives me some breathing room. I'm happy with how my writing is going so far. Of course there are errors and things I would change if I was parsing the stories one final time, but they are solid, so I'm pleased.

Here is a lovely interpretation of the Mirrormere by Aegeri on Deviant
Art. You can see Durin's Stone in the front left - the pillar that marks
the spot where Durin, oldest and first King of the Dwarves, gazed
into the waters and saw a crown of stars upon his head. 

I have to admit that I didn't do a lot of housework yesterday. I did sweep and wash the kitchen floor after breakfast, but that's about it. I sat at my computer, wrote stories, reviewed some others, and played Lord of the Rings Online with DH. It was a rather lazy day. I guess I needed that, and it certainly did help me pound out the words, but I doubt I'll get lucky enough to spend all of my March Sundays in this manner.

This is one of my own, "And Maedhros Stood Aside". I did this piece of art
several years ago. It is in my archive on Many Paths to Tread. 

This week will be crunched a bit. I'll be running around for the first few days. Looking at the weather, although we'll be getting cooler, it's going to be darned nice for the first week of March. We're not expecting any snow for a week - whatever precipitation we get this week will be rain. And right now, our temp is in the 50's! Amazing and rather ridiculous for early March.

I really like this portrayal of young Boromir, bored and playing with
the horse, and his younger brother Faramir being tutored by their
mother. It is written that their mother lived until Faramir was ten
years of age, and that their father's demeanor changed dramatically
after her death. 

I know, it's a boring post. But sometimes they come out like that. I'll try to find some nice photos to pepper this with, hopefully that will help make up for a boring Monday recitation. Have a great day! Enjoy the start to your week.

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