Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Holi, Posts and More 365-Day Meme

Wear something colorful today - it's Holi! Check out the fun Google cartoon for it on the headspiece today. Fun! Now ... back to life, love and snow.

Holi is one of those really fun holidays, but don't wear anything
you won't want ruined, and be careful breathing. 

I posted two stories yesterday on the B2MeM boards - "Scattering Beacons of Hope" is a true drabble of a conversation between Manwë and Varda as she sets the stars into the sky. "The Blackness of Despair" met the topic of Despair. That catches me up and pulls me slightly ahead, so I'm still cruising on the Red path and enjoying the exercise a great deal.

While driving to pick up Chinese food for dinner last night, it was
like I was standing underneath a sugar sifter. The granules of
snow were as fine as sugar, but coming down heavily. If the
flakes had been bigger, we'd be in some real mess today! 

Yesterday afternoon we finally got snow again. It was a fine as granulated sugar, but came down and down and down. I think it's still snowing. We're supposed to get 3"-6" out of this before it ends, and of course today is a Chiropractor day so driving way out east for the White Bear Lake YMCA and then my appointment, then fighting traffic back into my end of the cities before getting to work. I think I'll have to build shoveling the driveway into my schedule this morning, so I have less than 30 minutes to get this post finished and up. Time for some more 365-day Meme.

I wouldn't want to leave everything behind, but if I had
to, the only thing of value for me is my family. 

What is your most treasured item?

It I had to, I could leave everything behind as long as I was with DH. He may be a grumbly hubby, but he's MY grumbly hubby. I wouldn't be happy having to leave everything, don't get me wrong. But if I had to, I could. 

Your biggest insecurity.

I've been bullied and cyber-bullied before and always am a bit hesitant about putting myself and my art/writing/creative efforts out there. But no pain, no gain, and unfriend is always an option (although I try very hard to not indulge in those extremes). 

I think it would be so wonderful to wake up some morning and
see Florence waiting for me to explore. 

Something that you want to do before you die.

I want to travel to Europe once before I die. Given that I'm over 60 now, that's looking less and less like a possibility, but it would be lovely to see all of the places I've seen photos of in real time. 

And that's it for a quick and dirty post. Now to find some illustrations, pull my stuff together, and get this horse and pony show on the road. Happy Monday! Happy Holi! 

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