Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snow, Writing and Happy Pi Day

To all of my friends on the East Coast of the US, I feel your pain. Please stay in today if you can, and be safe, be warm, and keep up with your shoveling if you need to shovel. There's nothing much worse than having to move eight inches of snow instead of two inches several times. I apologize for those of us having an unusually mild winter, sending all of our snow to you.

The colors of a sunset were the inspiration for my short story "A Sky
Filled with Hope", one of my contributions to B2MeM yesterday. 

Yesterday turned into a productive writing day, probably because I wasn't super busy at the store. That's not good for the store, but it's great for B2MeM. Yesterday I posted "A Sky Filled With Hope" a feel-good laid back story with Sam and Frodo a few weeks before Frodo leaves for the Havens, and "I Cannot Stop the Tears" a very short story filled with pain and angst about Nerdanel's reaction to FĂ«anor's death . I'll have to see if I get anything written today, it should be a fairly busy Tuesday. 

Pi is one of those amazing numbers that allow some really important
things to happen in mathematics. Unfortunately, math just isn't one
of my strong points, so I'll just enjoy the day and the celebration and
leave the use of Pi to other, more knowledgeable people. 

It's Pi Day today, so celebrate the mathematical never-ending number that allows for the calculation of circular stuff. What stuff? Well, I so rarely need to use Pi in any of my calculations, I'm afraid I'd flunk a test that included it. But, I know it's a hugely important mathematical item, and I want to give it the acclaim it so richly deserves. So ... celebrate Pi day - it's all good! 

I do love pie - all kinds of flavors. My mother always said that pie was a distinctly
American dessert, that she had never had it until she came to this
country. If so, then Thank You, America. Pie is a lovely, lovely thing to eat! 

On that note, I'm calling this day's blog complete. Nothing fascinating today, but not all day's entries are amazing and that's OK too. I'm going to have a good swim, and I might get a piece of pie as take-out for lunch to celebrate my abysmal ignorance of mathematical geometrical equations. 

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