Thursday, March 2, 2017

B2MeM 2017 Has Started - My Month Will be Full

B2MeM has started and I have to admit, I'm quite intrigued. I love the theme: Night and Day, and the gameboard is bright, colorful, and filled with interesting prompts. I started my first story for it yesterday and I'll have to see how time works out and how much I can do. I'm being optimistic and trying for the red path - 31 prompts with added days for several Acts of Kindness and three Wild Cards. I know myself. I might write a short piece, but I'll spend as much time (if not more) in the editing and polishing portions than with the actual writing. So my red path may shift down to the shorter purple path out of necessity. But I really love the prompts on Red, so I'm going to try for it.

I love all of the various banners created by fans for this year's
B2MeM event. They are wonderful, old-fashioned and
really well done. 

I have friends and acquaintances who are professional authors or who are published authors of many books. My professional author friends write, on average, 5000-10,000 words each day, seven days a week. The latest in this select group decided to make writing a full-time career for himself last year, after having published for more than ten years as a part-time author. On average, he now plans to put out at least five books a year and has them already scheduled with his publisher. He now has several already completed, submitted to his publisher for editing. He knows exactly what his writing path will entail.

The gameboard for B2MeM 2017 has several color-coded
paths. A long (red), medium (purple), and short (green) path
for fiction, and a blue path for artwork. Two other  colors
offer even more options - Orange for non-fiction stories,
and Yellow for fanwork recommendations. 

In a way, that's what the B2MeM Game Board has given to all of the participants. It is a schedule of
what must be written to have achieved success by the end of the month. If I can grab the time, I can succeed in this goal. It's always time that's my enemy, not the storylines or plot devices. I'm a person who has very little free time and that lack is reflected in my ability to write large amounts of my fiction. If you can't read the gameboard well, click to the Text-Only Prompts and Colorblindness Accessibility pages. Everything is spelled out in those pages.

I love all of the different banners, but the one I used yesterday
and the two today are my favorites with a wonderful
medieval feel to each of them. 

I proclaim success in one area, however. I was finally able to post my story "Musical Interpretation" yesterday afternoon after editing again and again. I'm happy with this story of a young Maglor in the forge of his father Fëanáro, written for the challenge prompt of "Rebellion". It's posted on the Silmarillion Writers Guild website under my pen name, Erulisse. If you get a chance to read it, I hope you enjoy it. 

I've already started work on my first story. These will be quick and
dirty, but I'm hoping to have a lot of fun with B2MeM this year. 

No Project Runway tonight. I'm fashion empty for a while, but since I'll be busy writing instead, I can certainly live with that. I'm going to add some pictures and call this complete. Have a wonderful Thursday and I'll be back here tomorrow. 

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