Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day Was Lovely and The Meme Continues

How was your Valentine's Day? I arrived home to a dinner of sushi, shrimp, a single red rose and a schmaltzy card. Add to that a new NCIS and Face Off along with cupcakes for a late dessert and it was heaven. Of course, all of that salt did me no favors. I'm up three pounds in water weight this morning. Ugh! Today I'll have to be really careful about my food intake to get this right back off. But it was worth it, and my card for DH put tears in his eyes, so that was wonderful too. I hope all of you had a lovely V-Day as well.

DH surprised me with a dinner of assorted sushi,
shrimp, a single red rose and a schmaltzy card.
It totally rocked! 

I want to send a big "Thank You!" out to those friends who were kind enough to send me e-cards for Valentine's Day. You ROCK! It was extremely kind of you to do so and I loved seeing e-cards in my in-box.

I haven't done the 365-day meme in a while, so let's catch up with a few of those queries, shall we?

Security can come in many forms. I still
have two teddy bears and cuddle with them
more often than you'd think. It's a wonderful
stress reliever. 

Today I felt really secure knowing ....

I felt, and feel, really secure knowing that we've worked very hard for a future where we won't have to break our backs to afford groceries and a roof over our heads. That's so very important as we get older. Security is what can make those senior years worth living.

Whose life did you make a difference in today?

Well, my day hasn't actually started yet, so I suspect no-one's at this point in time. However, I do give regularly to a variety of charities, so I'll just say that I made a difference through those contributions.

What is your super power?

I apparently can frighten people with just a look. "THE LOOK" can stop people from ranting and raving immediately, stop running children in their tracks, and shock people into calming down when necessary. Such power! LOL

What is annoying you?

I'll have to watch everything I eat today because I had too much salt and too many carbs for yesterday's dinner. But no choice. That's highly annoying. Additionally, I have an Income Tax appointment for the business taxes late tonight after the store closes for the day. Oh joy! (NOT)

What would make (have made) today perfect?

It would be nice if all of my errands went really smoothly. I'm certainly not counting on that, but it would be really nice.

So that takes me through January's entries in the 365-day meme. I'd probably better get going on February's later this week so that I don't fall too far behind. Have a wonderful Wednesday and keep on keeping on. It's all good!

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