Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Finally - Project Runway Junior Recap!

A rather strange way to show you the outfits from last Thursday's Project Runway Junior, but I was finally able to find the photos to share with all of you and since there are only six designers, this will be fast and easy. It's a little late, but call it a Valentine's Gift. Since I'm so late, I'm not worrying about spoilers, but if you are, here's your warning - SPOILERS BELOW ... There - you've been warned.

Chelsea worked in leather - blue, red, orange, and
a couple of small pieces of yellow. Very peek-a-boo
with selective areas of skin allowed to show
through at the bodice. 

First of all, Chelsea. She worked with four colors of leather. Originally she was going to do multi-colored pieced strips of rectangles, but freaked out with how long that was taking for a one-day challenge (obviously she's never pieced a quilt together - there are many faster ways to accomplish what she was trying to do). She went back to the drawing board and cut out large stars to piece together instead. It was a winning look for her.

Chris has never seen a pattern he doesn't look, but with this
challenge, that was all right. His colorful palette worked
with the street art he had been assigned. 

Chris continued his "war of the patterns" signature style with this long, light-weight split hoodie over a totally "meh" dress.  The hoodie was split to the waist in the back. It was OK, not bad for a one-day challenge, and it fit his street art image, so he was safe.

Chris and the other judges wanted at least two layers
pulled off the bottom of this cascading dress. The only
part of Izzy's offering I liked was the top. I thought that
was really cute. 

Izzy channeled Flamenco dresses for her offering this week, but not as nicely done as a Flamenco dress usually is. She's got this amazingly tall, statuesque model, and made a riot of tiered drape. It was fine (if a bit overdone), but not that interesting. The only thing I really liked on this was the treatment of the fabric at the shoulders. Actually, the entire top was nice. But too many layers on the bottom. She was declared safe.

Teiler - take an unforgiving fabric and make changes and
more changes to it and it will look like a piece of drek
by the end of it. That's what he has here - a real mess. 

Teiler - OMG, what was he thinking? He chose an unforgiving fabric - velvet - and then designed so poorly that once again it didn't fit his model. He even added a panel into the sides of the pants to make them looser, but it didn't work well. Of course, velvet doesn't take well to all that manipulation. A poor design with poor fabric choice, just bad all around. He was on the bottom, but can possibly make it into the final if his collection wows the judges when compared to the other bottom dweller ...

Hawwaas' designs are being called "juvenile" by the
judges. Of course, she is a teen-aged designer, but
I'm getting tired of seeing the same design being
presented week after week. "yawn"

Hawwaas - same old, same old. Haven't we seen that color blocking short top and cylinder skirt before? In fact, haven't we seen it several times before? I had hopes for this young, local designer, but she's really disappointing me. She's got her box, she's comfortable in it, and she won't step outside of it for anything. Boring! She has the possibility of being one of the final four if her collection is better than Teiler's, but she's still on the bottom and on the edge of elimination.

Molly - hmmm - I'm looking for the color. Looking ...
looking ... nope! Not seeing it. She put little rhinestones
on it to designate stars in the sky which were in her
street art piece, and then went back to her norm of
black and white. Bye-bye, Molly. B/W in a Color
challenge won't win. 

Finally, Molly. The challenge was to make clothing that would reflect the colors and style of a specific, assigned, piece of street art. I guarantee her street art was NOT black and white. The dress just didn't cut it, and that flowing cape looked like a serious after-thought. Molly was sent home because she refused to push herself and design in color. It's too bad, I hated to see it, but she really needs to break out and also to show some enthusiasm. As a designer, she was boring!

I hope each of you have a lovely Valentine's Day. Chocolate and
flowers - what's not to like? 

So there you have it - late, but delivered. Have a great Tuesday, it's Valentine's Day and DH usually cooks me dinner on V-Day and gives me a couple of cards. I guess I'd better do a bit of card shopping myself! Hope your Valentine's Day is lovely and filled with joy.

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