Monday, February 13, 2017

Playing Games and a Quick View of the Grammys

Sunday was a really relaxing day, although I did cook breakfast and I did sweep and wash the kitchen floor. Still, all told, it was a fun day. DH and I sat at our computers and played LotRO (Lord of the Rings Online) for a few hours. We didn't interact much, I'm playing a middle-level character while his characters are topped out at twice my level, but it was fun catching up with an old character I've always loved and rarely played. I'm not much of a game player, my preference is to read, but every few months I drop back into Middle Earth and play some more. DH is much more constant that I, but he finds games much more important to him.

I like free games. Sure you can buy extra lives
or enhancements, but basically, the game is
a free app on Google Play. Free is good! 

Do you play any games regularly? I have been playing "Cookie Jam" on my phone and my tablet because it's relatively quick per level and silly enough that I don't have to be heavily invested. I also play color and pattern games like "Blendoku" and "Flow Free", but that, added to LotRO on my desktop computer, are the limit of what I enjoy playing. I'm far more apt to pull up my latest e-read than any game.

The premise of Blendoku is easy - put the colors in order using
the chips already placed as guidance. It can get quite complex and
deal with very small shade differences too, though, so it can be
quite challenging. It's one game where I find working in a darkened room
is better. 

My parents were avid "Bridge" players and Dad taught me both "Bridge" and "Tarok" as I was growing up. Although I played through High School, I was never very good at it and never enjoyed it very much. My preference of poker is the video version or the slot machine version, my preference for Blackjack is at a casino, either at a table or at a machine. I'm not fond of strategy games. Over the years I've had friends who have participated in monthly rotating poker games, but even though I would enjoy the social aspect, the actual playing would bore me to tears.

Contract Bridge is a game that my parents loved. DH used
to play every lunch hour at his old job, so he loves it too.
He now plays a video version on his phone, but complains
that the app really sucks. There aren't a lot of choices for
him for this game, though. 

On a final note, last night the Grammy Awards were presented and broadcast on TV. I've heard good things about Beyonce's performance, and also heard that Adele really blew her tribute to George Michael. I've looked at about 100 of the various dresses and outfits, but haven't decided what to pull out to show. One thing I can say ... there was a lot of skin - shirtless under jackets, hiding behind geometric panels, and compressed in tops that looked just shy of torture devices more appropriate to the Eternal Dungeon. I'll try to take a slower look tonight and might have some fashion photos to share later this week, but no promises.

Adele looked wonderful on the Red Carpet. This olivine color suited her
well, and I loved her hairstyle. That's a good thing because she won - a lot!
Congrats to a great vocal star! (Also very happy that Megadeth won for
Best Metal Performance.) 

So have a wonderful Monday. It's a week filled with income tax appointments, Valentine's Day, and general sales and cleaning at the shop. I'll be busy and have my hands full, so maybe grabbing a quick few minutes here and there in Middle Earth is OK. Have a fun day!

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