Saturday, February 11, 2017

PR Junior - Getting Down To Four - Or Did They?

Thursday's Project Runway Junior was full of color and surprises. I'd love to show the designs to all of you, but my usual sources have fallen flat - the photos aren't available yet. Grrrrrrrr. This week's episode featured the designers developing an outfit based on New York City Street Art. Each outfit would be photographed in front of the specific street art that inspired it and had to be editorially specific to that art. By the end of the episode, four designers were to move on to the finale and two would be sent home.

Since I don't have fashion for you this week, I'll show various New York
City street art to show some inspiration. 

I thought it would be easy to figure out who would be sent home, and that proved true in one case. Molly was sent home because despite the vibrant colors of her street art, she designed a dress in basic blacks and greys with a light-weight white cape. She said she never designs with color, it was her personal statement, and she wanted to be true to her own design essence. The judges, on the other hand, said that the competition was supposed to push the designers outside their comfort zone and that she had refused to bend her style. Good-bye Molly.

Colorful, angled and detailed, I love street art. Several years ago
Drummerwench gave me a small book of San Francisco street art.
I love that book. 

One more designer was supposed to be sent home, but the judges couldn't make up their minds between Teiler and Hawwaa. Teiler did an ill-fitting pant outfit in white velvet with pastel accents, and Hawwaa once again did a short top and cylinder skirt in color blocking. Yawn - same old, same old.

I really love this one - the colors of the rainbow accent the beauty of
the face. 

The twist - the judges decided that both designers would make final collections, but only one would actually be allowed to show their collection after the judges reviewed them. In other words, the judges decided it was a tie for last place. So next week will be interesting. We'll have a show of 3+, but who the plus will be is up for grabs.

Korba painted this beauty. The street artists are every bit as talented as
those working on canvas, just with a different media. I love this! 

The winner was Chelsea who did a dress of red, yellow and blue leather stars, pieced together for the dress. It actually was a good idea and the proportions of the colors worked.

Doze Green painted this mural. Such a huge amount of detail, great shading and
use of the space, I love the angles and the subjects. 

Sorry about the lack of images for all of you. I plugged in street art so that you could at least see the inspiration for this week's looks. Next week should be interesting, though! Have a great weekend, I'm off to the pool.

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