Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Thanks, BeMeM 2017 and Bagels

Thanks for all of the input on the timeline for Feanaro's children. I'm not going into any real depth in this particular story, but I deal with that family enough in my fan fiction that it seemed logical to tackle the details now since my characters for my current story are in the early times of that family. The story itself is coming together well and I hope to get it posted tonight if time permits, tomorrow night if not.

I just love this particular banner for B2MeM 2017. It's got a wonderful
Medieval feel about it and was designed by an on-line friend in Germany. 

B2MeM is coming - Night and Day is the theme. I'm just pushing this right now because I don't know anything more than that (format, etc is still unknown), but I think the basic overall theme is interesting. I'm really hoping to get back into some serious writing, but right now it's hard to commit for something with that time span. I'll be giving it my best shot, though. It's always fun to write, even when I'm gnashing my teeth at characters and their ability to go off and change directions on me.

My schedule today is all messed up. That's going to drive me crazy all
day long. Argh! 

My usual schedule is totally messed up today, and that's the kind of thing that can drive me meshuga. At least I do get my swim in this morning, but no usual breakfast until after I've seen my dentist for my semi-annual checkup. I've had one tooth that has been bothering me on and off for almost a year, but I'm very unsure about whether to tell him or not. Guess I'll make up my mind on the spot.

I do love me a bagel with schmear, and it's very portable.
I can pick that up on my way to the dentist and hang
onto it until I'm able to eat later in the day. 

On a positive, though, I have a coupon for a free bagel with schmear, so that will be a late breakfast for me after I'm allowed to have food and hot beverages again. A delay in caffeine and a dental checkup do not equal a happy person, so I'll probably be better off letting Chickie take care of customers for the first few hours at the shop - LOL.

Here's hoping things go beautifully for all of you on this wonderful Tuesday. Enjoy your day and I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with my latest story polished and posted.

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