Monday, February 27, 2017

It's Monday & A Time Frame For the Sons of Feanor?

Sunday had its' highs and lows, but wasn't too bad all around. This week starts out busy, but then settles down to a normal "roar". First of all - although I wasted much of my day, I did vacuum the house - it needed to be done. I'm much happier with the appearance of my carpeting now. Score one for me!

I love Kung Pao Chicken from our favorite local Chinese restaurant. It'll give
me dinner for the next several nights - lots of food for the cost. 

DH wouldn't make up his mind about what he wanted for dinner, complaining about having to make the decision all the time, so I grabbed some cash and my car keys and picked up Kung Pao Chicken from my favorite Chinese restaurant. Yummy - at least it's one of my favorites. He complained that it was his least favorite but he managed to eat a lot of it despite that. Silly boy! Maybe next time he'll make a decision - or maybe not - LOL.

I really enjoyed watching "Guardians of the Galaxy" instead of the
Academy Awards last night. I'm sure the Awards were entertaining,
but usually I'm pretty bored watching awards events. 

The Academy Awards were on last night. He wasn't in the mood to listen to political jokes, I wasn't in the mood to waste my time watching, so I watched some of the Red Carpet interviews and then joined DH to watch "Guardians of the Galaxy". He's seen it numerous times, but I hadn't managed to catch it before. Fun movie! I recall seeing hints that a second one is coming out this summer. I'll have to try and add it to my "must see" list.

I've always liked this piece by Jenny Dolfin, but here
we have five sons already born and the twins in
Nerdanel's womb, and they are all fairly young.
Probably not the case if you work within the
immortality of the elves and the length of time of
the years of the Two Trees. 

For my LOTR/Silmarillion experts, I've been trying to determine actual dates of birth for the seven sons of Feanor. I know the order of birth, but wanted an idea of the age spread between them. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a lot from the research I did. If anyone has a website or specific information where I could look this up and get better than a "born between 1190-1300 TT" for Maedhros with dates of "between 1190-1447 TT" for Maglor, it would be helpful. That's a LONG span of time listed just for the first two of his sons. The many pics on Deviant Art with the seven shown as young children and young adults certainly wouldn't work with that kind of time frame.

I'm into the editing portion of my next SWG story, indeed, almost done. Just in time for B2MeM month to start on Wednesday. I'll have to see what is presented and how my time works out. I'd like to participate again, but some years have been extremely successful, where others started strong and died quickly. My intention is to both start and end strong, but time can often get in my way.

On that note, I wish you a good Monday. I'm off to the WBL pool and my Chiropractor today, so my time is already crunched. Tomorrow I have a dental appointment for my semi-annual checkup and I'm already stressing about it. I love my dentist as a person, but hate anything he does professionally. Argh! Enjoy your Monday.

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