Saturday, February 25, 2017

Project Runway Junior - Final, Recap, Photos, Spoilers

Thursday night was the final episode of Project Runway Junior, Season 2. I had to wait a day for photos to come up, but finally have some to share. If you haven't watched the episode, you'll want to skip this post - THIS IS A SPOILER ALERT. For those clicking off here to return later, have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back on Monday. So ... here we go!

Four designers made the cut after Teiler was eliminated last week in a head-to-head with Hawwaa for the final designer spot. Although his designs were beautiful, they weren't edgy enough for the judges. So, even though Hawwaa's designs had often been called "juvenile", she was passed through to the final. Hurray for Mankato, Minnesota - LOL.

Here are the four six-outfit collections that were shown on the Runway for the final showing. See what you think about them. I'll tell you who won at the bottom of the post.

Izzy - Notice she's still wearing a sprout in her hair. She chose
the outfit with the red and white top and black pants for her
in-depth review piece. 

Izzy was a bit off the wall all season and did not make my final four, but the judges adored her. Her final collection was structured around the geometric color blocks and basic styles of athletic wear from the 1960's and 1970's. I liked her use of hot pink and orange, they were colors from my own youth and are back into popularity now. The full collection, however, left me uninspired and unimpressed.

Hawwaa - Always a little quirky, today she wore green lipstick with a matching
fuzzy coat.  To be honest, I don't even remember which outfit she chose
for her in-depth review with the judges. They were all so similar. 

Hawwaa is a local desiger for me, she lives just down the road, an hour or so from the Twin Cities. I always enjoyed her playful aspects and she is excellent at working with color blocks which can be very challenging. Her collection was based on the circus or carnival. She wanted it to be fun, but she bordered on kid's designs with a few choices.

Chris - Chris brought the piece second from the left for his in-depth
review piece, but the items that really wowed the judges were the
top and pant on the far left and the dress second from the right. 

Chris was still mixing prints, but on the runway, it really worked. There were certainly a few throw-aways in the collection, but as a whole, I really liked it. I was pretty impressed with the various top-stitching and cut-out designs he made for this collection.

Chelsea - Time management is a problem for her, as is actually pinning
something down and running with it. The little red leather dress was a
stunner, but the piece that she brought for review was the white lace with
black bottom dress. Call me unimpressed. It really didn't fit well. 

Chelsea was still all over the place. She has real problems making up her mind and she flutters like a wind vane in a stiff breeze. I did like her mixes of fabrics - leathers, patterns, sheers and lace. The dress she was wearing was also really cute and her own design. She wore it for her 8th grade graduation (she's now a 10th grade student).

So who won? The photos are in reverse order. Izzy got 4th place, Hawwaa won 3rd. It came to a decision between Chris and Chelsea and the judges awarded the win to Chelsea. I don't know anyone who looked at the collections and thought the judges made the right decision. We seemed to all be on Team Chris. But, it is as it is. The judges have spoken.

It was a fun season. These young designers have sewn their way up to future employment and to schools of their choice for design degrees. I think it was a fun season and there were some very talented and gifted designers who may yet set the fashion world on edge.

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