Friday, February 3, 2017

Project Avalanche - One Snowflake Can Make A Difference

I'll do a Project Runway Junior recap in tomorrow's blog since the summaries I use for photos and secondary information are published online later for PRJr than for the standard PR. No problem though, since my brain is running a bit slower today anyway. Instead, I want to talk about the next step in the "10 Actions for 100 Days" movement.

There were a lot of Pink Pussyhats in Women's Marches throughout the world.
A veritable sea of pink. Chickie is still wearing her hat proudly, as are others
throughout the nation. 

If you recall, the initial focus was on the Women's March to Washington, at which millions of women around the world marched to show their support for human rights, women's rights and LGBTQIA rights. Pink "Pussy Hats" were worn by many and a feeling of solidarity with others was achieved. The first of the followup actions was to send postcards to your Senators, telling them which issues were most important to you, and reminding them that you are as valid of a constituent as any other. Did that.

Huddles will be informal gatherings to establish what is most important
to focus on and how best to continue to make an impact. 

The second action has now been announced, and it's one I won't do, at least not on the physical level. It's called "Huddle" and focuses on gathering together with others in a public venue or a private house to discuss issues of importance and ways in which the women can keep their focus, working for rights and changes under our new government. Although it's a really great idea for those who are social beings and who enjoy networking, it's a total "No" for me. I'm not huddling with anyone, I'll just stick to huddling from the frigid temperatures in my long purple coat. I am huddling in a virtual room, though, joining with Project Avalanche and mailing letters and snowflakes of concern. One snowflake, joined by many others, can become an avalanche.

One snowflake, when joined with millions of others, can
create an avalanche. 

Does that mean I won't be involved? Heck no! I'm tackling immigration and other issues of importance to me instead with Project Avalanche. Instead of focusing on our Senators, as the first action did, this one focuses on writing letters to your representatives. Inside of these letters, we encourage people to include snowflakes, one or many, each one identified as an issue of importance to you. The letters and snowflakes should be mailed between the dates of March 16-20 so that the offices of the Representatives are deluged with snowflakes - an Avalanche of Concern burying the offices of our Representatives in snowflakes. Are you looking for templates for your snowflakes? Follow this link for some really nice ones. I used one of these yesterday as a test and it worked really well.

On to the 365-day Meme for today ...

What kind of car are you driving?

I love my Mazda CX-5. It's the perfect car for me, although it
might be a bit too large for others. Chickie liked my car so much
that she bought a used 2014 model, identical to mine, when
she upgraded her car last year. 

I drive "Minion", a 2015 Mazda CX-5 in Red. I totally love my car. It has the space that I need, the versatility that I was looking for, gets excellent gas mileage (which would be a LOT better if I didn't do almost 100% short-run city driving) and makes a great Minion. I have two miniature Minions on my dashboard (from the Despicable Me 2 and Minions movies) and I actually have seat warmers as a standard feature - something I only found out about less than a month ago. Sometimes I can be a total dork.

List your pets.

Well, unless DH counts as a pet, I don't have any right now, so that's pretty simple. In the past I've owned several dogs and cats. Although I love both types of pets, my allergies have gotten worse as I've aged and I don't think I could tolerate a cat any more. I might look for one last dog when I retire because I do miss my dogs.

So that's it for a very cold Friday. The pool water will be so warm compared to the outside temperature, these are the best days for a good swim. Have a wonderful Friday. I'll be back tomorrow with my Project Runway Junior recap for the week.

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