Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cleaning Marathon or Excavation? Happy Groundhog Day!

Yesterday turned into a room cleaning marathon. I folded t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts and sweatshirts. I think I could probably fold them in my sleep now. All that folding created piles of folded shirts everywhere they weren't supposed to be. They needed to be in drawers, not in short piles throughout my living room. Thus - stage two of the major clean began.

I didn't need an excavator (getting one down the stairs
to the room would have been tricky in any event). But
I sure could have used one. I had to do the cleaning by
hand, though. 

I needed to get to my dresser, clean out drawers and use them for these newly folded t-shirts. While that didn't quite require the huge earthmoving equipment of excavations in large scale, it was still a massive undertaking. I had gotten a start on it on Sunday, but since DH wasn't home yesterday, I was able to spread out and really tackle my corner - a place that probably has only seen glimmers of light for the past numerous years.

My corner was not quite as impressive as the Pyramids of
the Giza Plateau, but it was pretty stacked with stuff. Beadwork
projects, art supplies, even one of our airbrushes with the
compressor in the box beneath it. What a mess! 

I swear there were times I thought I was excavating a tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, and there certainly are times I can correlate my mess with the stuff that was pushed into every nook and cranny in King Tutankhamen's tomb. But, I persevered and soldiered on.

White not quite as bad as King Tut's Tomb, my corner still was items
piled on top of other items and again on more. It was a serious problem
and mess and I still have at least twelve hours of cleaning and finding
appropriate homes for items before I'll have totally clear access to my
lower dresser drawers. 

You think I jest? I started the project at about 12:15 pm, and finally had a room back together at 5:10 pm, working without a break. Although I was sorry that Aearwen had a conflict and had to cancel our Wednesday afternoon chat, I was also grateful. What I thought would be finished by 3:00 pm dragged into 4:00 pm and then into 5:00 pm. I accomplished a lot, but I also made five boxes of things I have to go through appear. I can't let those sit around for long. And there's still cleaning to do - more finding the appropriate places to put some things away that currently don't have homes. That will be more of a problem.

I always feel sorry for the poor groundhog. Just let the
poor guy sleep and check your own shadow, you
dorks! You can tell just as well as he can whether or
not you're casting a shadow, and I don't think he'll be
afraid of the shadow as much as the sound of the

Still, it was a feeling of accomplishment. Onward to a couple of 365-day Meme topics on this Groundhog Day. A day when we celebrate a large rodent being awakened and frightened by people, noise and publicity as he is asked to view his shadow (sunny day? - guaranteed) or not (cloudy day? - guaranteed). Sheesh! On to the Meme ...

My biggest hope is:

Right now my biggest hope is a smooth transition from working folks to retired folks. That's looking really dicey right now, and that's SO not a good thing. Some serious things have to happen on the work front for everything to work as planned. It's not happening.

What has challenged your morals?

Morals - a person's standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and what is not acceptable for them to do. There are times when just being married to a conservative former Roman Catholic does exactly that for this liberal Pagan, former Jew. Can you see the potential conflicts in those words? Yeah - that, and that, and that. LOL.

Have a great Thursday. I'm hoping that today will be a good day, and to that end, I'm going to be optimistic about what I'll manage to accomplish today. Back at you tomorrow.

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