Saturday, February 4, 2017

Project Runway Junior Recap

We're still cold up here in the Frozen Northlands. For us, what the groundhog sees is rarely relevant - winter is guaranteed to exist for another six weeks. But I can be an optimist. It's in the double digits now. Practically a heat wave.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. That's American football for my overseas friends. It's the culmination of the football season and one of the highest viewing sporting events in the USA. I'll be watching - the game may or may not be important, but the commercials are the fun things to watch for this event. DH and I will be eating junk food, drinking hot beverages (it's cold outside) and relaxing for the day. We need and deserve a day of relaxation.

Now for a recap of Thursday's Project Runway Junior. Spoilers below - you've been warned!

We're down to seven kids and suddenly, a great challenge! Carrabbra's Grill, an Italian chain restaurant that sponsored this episode, arranged for the prize - a paid trip to Italy to attend Milan Fashion Week. The kids went crazy - a trip to Italy. Wow! The designs needed to be inspired by Italy, in a one-day challenge with a trip to Mood and a $300 budget.

Molly actually did a really nice outfit. I don't know why the judges
declared her "safe". 

Molly - This was a really lovely and innovative design, and she was SAFE on it - the only person not eligible for best or worst. I really wonder about the judges sometimes because I thought this was one of the best efforts on the Runway this week.

Izzy made a mess - one dress on the front, another on the back, and all those
little pieces of fabric. I'm starting to not like Izzy's vision, but if she
can tame herself a bit, she has real possibilities in her future. 

Izzy gave more evidence that she loves making the unwearable. She took bunches of fabric, cut it up into strips and layered those strips across the neckline and hemline of the gown. I thought it was a real mess because it was poorly finished. Three of the judges loved it, but Christian - the voice of reason - just said that he thought it was strange. Yes, it was strange and not good.

Chris chose a print of an Italian cathedral ceiling, then draped the pattern
intelligently and made something simple look lux. The pants were
hemmed unevenly which hurt the look, but the design was solid and
the print was perfectly chosen. 

Chris designed a great outfit this week - these pants were amazing! He was able to return to his prints, taking this Italian landscape print as the base. He covered the top with a circle peek-a-boo fabric, made a fitted belt, and designed a really beautiful jumpsuit that looked classy.

Chesea designed this crazy dress, but it worked and I ended up
really liking it when it walked the Runway. The judges criticized
the lining fabric, but I thought it was OK and worked with the
main fabric - a menswear suiting. 

Chelsea designed a mother's best friend by using menswear suiting fabric for an off-shoulder flat dress with pockets everywhere. She lined the exposed drop with a shiny lining fabric in a gold-tone that was almost over-the-top, but her design was fun. Tim called it a "pocket potpourri". I can imaging a harried mother carrying binkies in one pocket, crackers in another, maybe a small bottle of booze for herself in a third. No missing pocket space with this dress.

Hawwaa made this lovely and happy shorts and jacket outfit. I can do without
the suspenders, but loved the color blocking on the shorts. The jacket would
have been better in a more golden yellow, but I loved the embroidered
leaves at the sleeve hems. 

Hawwaa designs happy using bright colors and patterns. At this point I could probably pick her designs out of a showing with ease. She loves color blocking, she dives into patterns and color, and her models always show well. Her problems come with finish - she just doesn't finish her garments well. Maybe she needs a bit more time, but I think she really needs to get more comfortable with the equipment. She used the Brother Dream Machine for auto-embroidering the leaves around the jacket cuffs. It was a nice touch.

Teiler guessed on fitting and it was a bad guess. Then again, it was
a rather boring design too. No ... just NO. 

Teiler had a design disaster. It was a good concept - a white jacket with black pants ... classic. But he designed it with a deep V-neck on the jacket and one of the rules of the Runway is to contain the breasts of the models. His model was rendered almost immobile - any movement would have caused a Runway accident. It was a bad design decision.

Cartier hand-painted the fabric to resemble an Italian sunset. It was a
great idea and would have been a winner if the actual dress design
had been less boring and off-the-rack. 

Cartier was inspired by a photo of an Italian sunset. She took white satin and hand-painted an ombre sunset on the circle skirt, then painted the fitted bodice and sewed rhinestones to it as if they were stars. It was pretty, but pretty doesn't cut it on the Runway. As a design went, it was standard and boring. Painted fabric doesn't equals a great design.

The designs left the judges with a dilemma. Teiler had a solid background of designs, so he passed even though the judges made sure he was aware of their unhappiness. The winner of the trip to Italy was Chelsea with the multi-pocket dress, something innovative and different enough to catch the judges' eyes.

The loser came down to Hawwaa and Cartier. The judges love Hawwaa's design aesthetic, but her finishing skills are falling short. They kept seeing Cartier's clothes being more seamstress and less designer. The solution: Cartier was sent home. Now we're down to six designers and next week is a double-elimination. Only two episodes left in this season, and there are actually some talented young designers in the mix. Who will survive to the final four? We'll find out next week.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl. I'll be back on Monday.

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