Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dodging a Bullet

Sleep would be a great idea, but it doesn't seem to be happening for me lately. Too much on my mind? Maybe, but I don't think there's any more stuff in there crowding to break free than at other times. I guess I'll just put the blame down to stress, try to work some of it off in the swimming pool this morning, and hope that tonight's sleep will be less restless and actually last until my 3:15 am alarm. Still, that extra 12 minutes I got yesterday and again today has been welcome time.

I'm still not sure how we got so lucky, but I'm sure grateful. I really
didn't want to deal with icy roads and lots of snow yesterday. 

We dodged a bullet yesterday, and I'm still not sure how we got that lucky. We were supposed to have six hours of an icy rain followed by another six hours of snow depositing 1"-6" of the white stuff. We did get a frozen drizzle which made walking a bit tricky for a few hours, but the streets were generally OK for driving and the salt and sand trucks were out and about. The snow also came and it looked really pretty, for the less than 15 minutes that it was falling. I'd say we got a dusting. Excellent! It's only February and we have lots of winter still to come, but yesterday's miss was a nice surprise.

These are my current slippers. Pretty pathetic, aren't
they? They're Sketchers and they've lasted for several years,
but they are on their last legs. I need a new set of
slippers desperately! 

Today I have to shop all over town. I need stuff at Target, Trader Joe's and at the grocer, and I desperately need a new pair of indoor shoes/slippers. My current pair are in tatters and are barely holding on to my feet under optimal conditions. I probably won't have the time for shoe shopping, though.

Editing is just as time consuming (if not more) than the actual
writing. The difference is that the plot and storyline has already
been written down and now it's time for polish and symmetry. 

I also have to edit a story I'm writing for the Taboo challenge. It has to be uploaded no later than Friday, so the clock is ticking. It's pretty much in the can, meaning I can do a lot of editing on it but the basic parameters and structure are there. I usually spend far longer on the editing process than I do on the actual composition of any story, so this has to get done.

Editing can be an intensive process. It's helpful to have outside eyes
when editing, but beta readers and new eyes aren't always available.
Sometimes I really miss the old Lizard Council group.   

Usually I can take some computer time at the shop to edit and catch up on emails, but we finally got a long-awaited shipment in on Monday and my time will be wrapped up in packaging product for the rest of the week. I'm happy to have a day off today to give my hands a break from clutching tubes while filling and packing them down; it can be hard on me after several hundred tubes. Unfortunately, I'm not as young as I used to be.

So I'm hoping for clear roads, easy finds at the various stores, and clarity of thought when I sit down to edit. Easy requests, right? LOLOL Have a wonderful Wednesday - don't work too hard and spread some unexpected kindness today, we really need some positive vibes in our world.

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