Thursday, February 9, 2017

What a Crazy Place to Live!

I should have asked for the loan of some dogs last night. It was, and still is, frigid! Right now it's 1 F/-17.2 C but feels like -9 F/-22.7 C but we're in for a crazy week - the kind of week that will cause people to get sick, just because of the temperature swings. We'll be at the absolute low while I'm in the gym, and then start creeping up. By midnight we'll be at 19 F/-7.2 C, when I awaken tomorrow we'll be at 22 F/-5.5 C and by mid-afternoon tomorrow, we'll actually be warmer than 40 F/4.4 C. We'll stay in the 30 F - 45 F (-1.1 C - 7.22 C) range through the entire week next week. Crazy!! From a three dog night to balmy, almost jacket weather - that's the joy of living in the Frozen Northlands.

Three dog night isn't just a band from the late 1960's, but
rather is an indication of how many sled dogs you should
cuddle up with to survive the deep cold of the night. 

The beauty of this is we'll lose more of our snow pack. We might even see some grass! However, the warmer weather over the next week might start fooling some of our trees into thinking it's an early spring, which can cause problems and sometimes kill the trees when we dive right back into winter later on. It's February and we're not finished with winter yet.

Melting snowpack can be a beautiful thing to see, but if it comes
too early and stays too long, it can kill our fruit trees. They start
thinking it's spring and begin to put out buds. Unfortunately, the
buds will die when we drop back down to more normal temps. 

I spent more than two hours editing my short story for the Taboo Challenge at SWG. Crazy to spend so long on a story that clocks in at under 800 words, but that's the way it went. I'll get that posted a bit later this morning. It's been so long since I've put a story out at their website, I'll have to take some time to make sure I get it right. If you look for it, it's titled "Solitude" and should be up for reading by mid-morning or so.

The original group of contestants for Project Runway Junior, Season 2 started
out looking like this. Only six remain now, and after tonight, only four will
be left standing. 

Of course, tonight will be a very exciting night on Project Runway Junior - the last night before the finals and a night with a double elimination. I suspect Hawwaa will be one of the two eliminated, but who the second one will be is anyone's guess. It'll be fun to watch, though. I might catch the last 30 minutes of MasterChef Junior's first episode just before PR Jr. And did you catch Face Off on Tuesday night? It was a non-elimination week, and the format was changed slightly with the challenge being "Monster High" and the judges being a focus group of fans and collectors. That was really fun. DH was astonished that the focus group were all in their 20's or older, but I tried explaining doll collectors to him and he just didn't get it. Oh well, we can't all get everything.

I was never into dolls and haven't had any reason to buy any dolls
either, but the Monster High idea is actually rather cute. After
all, where else would the kids of Dracula, Frankenstein and other
monsters go to school, but to a high school just for them?
High school angst, anyone? 

So here's to bundling up and heading into the freezing temps. On cold days like this, the pool water is so nice and cozy, no shivers necessary. I hope you have a wonderful, cozy Thursday and I'll be back to bug you tomorrow, and have a PR Jr recap on Saturday. Keep on rocking on!

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