Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cooking - Love to Watch, Hate to Do

We're getting freezing rain turning into snow today (oh joy!), so driving and walking will be a bit dicey. So this will be short and sweet - I'll need the extra time to get to the pool this morning.

I get a kick out of watching the "Kids Baking Championship". The kids
are innovative, talented, and very supportive of each other. 

This season's competitors have already been dropped down to the
final six - two girls and four boys. There are some really excellent
cooks among them. 

I love watching cooking - at least reality show cooking. Mondays have been a desert for TV shows, so I usually turn on the "Kids Baking Championship" for an hour of sugar, spice, inventive recipes and young kids' angst. The kids are great on the show, and they are super supportive of each other, helping their competitors out when they can so that everyone can be finished on time. It's fun to watch such friendly cooperation under the umbrella of competition.

MasterChef Junior is always fun because it's the softer side (somewhat) of
Gordon Ramsey. He's a lot more encouraging and instructional. He doesn't
yell as much, although he can still be very intense. It's a lot of fun to watch
these pint-sized chefs cook their way to the championship - they're so
very talented. 

On Thursday, February 9th, "MasterChef Junior" begins their fifth season. MasterChef Junior is always a fun watch. I can barely find my way around a kitchen in the best of times, and these kids are making dishes that could be served at a five-star restaurant by the time they are through with the competition. I'm rather envious of such talent, but it's always a treat to watch.

So, short and sweet today because I have to leave early to slowly drive to the gym on icy roads. Be good, be careful, and make something fun to eat today - cookies sound good to me! Happy Tuesday!

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