Friday, February 17, 2017

A Missing E-Book and Artist Assignments from LJ Friends

It's Friday, and that makes me smile through my exhaustion. I'm one step closer to the weekend and Sunday is always a sleep-in day (happy me!). I hope my swim today wakes me up a bit, otherwise I'll be asleep on my feet while I'm tagging new beads and stringing samples for our customers to choose from. It's not the most exciting aspect of my job, but a very necessary one. This time I'm stringing and tagging more than 25 colors of new 2mm round beads - itsy, bitsy bits of glass. I drop one of these and I'll never find the missing one so I'll need to be careful when I start the stringing this afternoon.

The finale of Project Runway Junior is a two-episode one, with the second episode scheduled for next week. No photos of Teiler and Hawwaa's walk-off yet. I was intrigued by the differences in their two collections and have to agree with the judges' decisions on who of the two gets to go on and compete next week for the win. It was a 90-minute episode last night, so I'm drooping a bit today with a loss of that extra 30 minutes of sleep.

I like this series a lot. This book is the 44th
novel in the series, and there are some shorter
stories in a few anthologies. By now I'm totally
invested in the characters and the setting. I'd
really like to read the darned thing! 

Last year I pre-ordered J.D. Robb's upcoming Eve Dallas novel entitled "Echoes in Death". I had it along with other Nook books on the same order. The other books went through just fine on the day I placed the order, but between the time I pre-ordered and the time the book was released, Discover sent me a new card because of a data breach. Fine ... except not so fine.

The pre-order was never processed or charged, because when the system attempted it, the card on file for the book was the old one. But, I am not allowed to purchase the book "again". Last week I spent far too long on the phone with B&N customer service (must be a help desk in India, by the accent). The agent ran my new card for the book, and said I would be getting a confirmation email. No. Hasn't happened. Still can't get the damned book downloaded into my Nook library.

So I just added B&N to Wednesday's schedule. I'm going to hop over to my local store and talk to a human being about the issue. I want to read the book, it's already been out for a month and I haven't opened the virtual cover of it yet. I'm EXTREMELY unhappy, and they're going to make it right. This will work, one way or another. Grrrrrrrr.......

Onward to some artwork instead - something pretty to brighten my day.

The following two illustrations are assignments by two LJ friends - two artists I wasn't very familiar with, so it was a joy to research and find good examples to share. The top piece was assigned by Curious Wombat who gave me an artist named Sulamith Wolfing. She paints some really lovely and evocative images. The second illustration is by Berthe Morisot who was assigned to me by Samtyr. I really loved the interplay of light in this one.

Many of this artist's paintings featured angels, but there were a few that
brought the wings in through butterflies and moths. Here, the couple are
framed by a lovely night moth. To me this is very Tolkienesque - perhaps
in the days of the Two Trees in a secluded garden. 

My second artist was Berthe Morisot, an artist from the mid-1800's. Her
works feature a lot of female figures, but I really loved the way she used
the light in this one: "At the Window". 

Here's hoping your Friday is free from frustrations, filled with joy and smiles, and that one act of kindness makes your day. Have a great one!

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