Saturday, February 18, 2017

Disjointed Meandering Through the Colors of My Mind

Is it silly to awaken on Saturday morning but only think about sleeping in on Sunday? Usually I'm pretty used to my crazy schedule - I've been an early morning riser since my college days and I just kept pushing it earlier and earlier rather than later and later. Now I get up at 3:15 am during the week and 4:00 am on Saturday so that I can write my blog, check my emails, and get to the gym when they unlock the door. If I'm in the pool at 5:05 am (6:05 am on Saturday), my day gets off to a good start and the pool isn't super crowded until after at least 30 minutes of swimming. Still, I love the fact that I allow myself to sleep in on Sunday mornings.

I wake up really early, but I enjoy early mornings. I get my quiet time, sometimes
I write a little fiction,. I search for photos, write my blog, and slowly
wake up in time to leave the house 90 minutes later. 

I love seeing the sun rise. When I sleep later, I feel as if I'm missing the best part of the day. I also love seeing the sun set, but since I'm usually still stuck at work when that happens or I've already arrived home and am inside, I miss the incredible beauty of the light, the colors and the paintings that are made by the sun's rays and the clouds. Sunrises are usually a bit less strident across the skies - they can have the orange and pink coloring, but more often are a gentle progression through the pastels - faint yellow through to blue or grey.

I love a gentle sunrise although the bold colors of some sunrises are beautiful.
Even though sometimes the sunrise can be brilliant orange to
scarlet colors, I prefer the gentle rose through yellow to blue
ranges that often happen in our winter months. 

The colors of the sky are reflected in jewelry and ornamentation, household effects, paintings and clothing through the years. It appears that this year's fashion clothing will be lots of fringe, jewel-tone colors (think Byzantine for the colors - emerald, sapphire, ruby, all set in gold). To break the glitzy monotony, there were splashes of bold colors in olive green, neon orange and hot pink. Dark backgrounds with lots of shimmery fabrics are everywhere. There were some really pretty things on the runway at New York Fashion Week, but none of them will find their way into my closet. I love fashion but don't have any reason to wear gowns like these. I'm basically a denim and sweatshirt kind of gal.

I have this purple swimsuit along with one in
royal blue. It was hard to turn down, it's a style
I love and the two together were less than $40. 

I did indulge in a new swimsuit, though. I asked Santa for two new suits for Christmas, DH told me to buy them and give him the bill. They weren't expensive, and they'll get me through this year's pool days. I indulged earlier this week, the purple one is now getting daily use.

Disjointed thoughts are all I'm writing today. Good thing I'm not writing
any of this for a story. 

So what a meander through my disjointed thoughts this morning. The only thing pulling all of it together is color, and since I love color, I guess that'll work for me. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back on Monday, hopefully with a more coordinated blog post.

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