Monday, January 23, 2017

The Women's March - What Now? and the 365-Day MEME

Saturday was the Women's March throughout the world. Women and many other supporters took to the streets, many in their pink "pussy hats" to demonstrate solidarity and concern. Although the original Washington DC march was sponsored by Planned Parenthood, that wasn't universal and that was clear in the variety of signs carried by the protesters. The signs weren't just about keeping women's rights untouched, they were about human rights in all forms. I've looked through photos of hundreds of signs now, but two of them really made my day.

I loved this sign by my LJ friend Dawn. These
are words to remember and never forget. Dawn
made it to Washington DC with her group of
ladies from Vermont. It was an unforgettable
experience for each of them. 

But the March is over, and we're all returning to our jobs, families, and homes. What to do now? How to keep the momentum going? For that I recommend "10 Actions for the First 100 Days". Click on the link to get to the website. Every ten days there will be a new action on a shared issue. The first action is to write a physical postcard to your Senators about what matters to you and how you're going to continue to fight for it in the days, weeks and months ahead. I can do this, and so can you. Let's keep this ball rolling throughout the 100 days of tRump's "honeymoon" and beyond. Let's keep the strength in numbers that we discovered on Saturday and hold proud to our feminine ideals of love, cooperation and working together toward a better future for generations to come.

Another LJ friend marched in Texas. One of
the signs she saw was this one, and I really
loved it. Obviously it was a lot warmer down
there. The 90,000 marchers in Saint Paul were
bundled up in coats, scarves, boots and hats. 

Before I dive into the meme, I have to say how disappointed I was in the Division Championship football games yesterday. I'm hoping the Superbowl in two weeks will be a better game, certainly a closer match-up. Both teams I wanted to win, lost. So I'll be watching an Atlanta/Patriots game in two weeks. Fortunately, there are commercials to watch!

I swim, but DH usually runs for several miles on the days
he's not at work. I probably should do more on the
machines, not just the pool, but I really love my daily
mile swim. 


DH is the love of my life, my companion and my friend. It's rather amazing that we found each other, and even more amazing that we're still together after all these years. I don't think anyone else would put up with me, and I'm absolutely certain nobody else would put up with him. We're the prefect foils for each other, and when we put our heads together, we can move mountains.

I do love pizza - the perfect food for me. We were just in
the mood for it while watching the football games and then
the hockey game. 


Waking up was good. In fact, I awakened 15 minutes earlier than usual, so I'm a bit less rushed with my blog this morning. Huzzah! The second best part of today will be closing the shop and warming up the rest of yesterday's pizza for dinner tonight. So good to eat, so bad for my weight. But I'll swim it off by the end of the week, and enjoy it tonight.

Have a great Monday and think about what I proposed above. Check out the "10 Actions for the First 100 Days" website (link above) and stay involved. Together we can roar, just like the old song

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