Saturday, January 21, 2017

Inauguration and the 365-Day Meme

So, we have a new President, and three things have already disappeared from the White House web site: President Barack Obama's Health Care Act, Climate Change, and LGBT Rights. I guess I'm going to have to look carefully at my finances and see what I can do to help LGBT causes on a more personal level, because I suspect a lot of governmental support and actions are swinging over to oppose funding and assistance for an already downtrodden and cast off group of people, many of whom are teenagers.

Meliana Trump's gown for the Inaugural Balls was co-designed by her and
Hervé Pierre. As a former supermodel, it will be interesting to see what
she wears in the years ahead. It may be the only positive thing about
this Presidency. 

So, those are my concerns and what I will be watching closely over the next four years. I don't trust our new President. He talks a good game, but his issues are not mine, except those that are related to business and the economy. We're now living in "interesting times", and I'm very unhappy about that.

On to the 365-day meme for a couple of entries to wrap up today's post:

If you don't smile looking at this adorable baby, you
haven't looked closely enough. What a hoot! 

What made you smile today?

There hasn't been much to smile about with the Inauguration happening yesterday, but today is the Women's March on Washington DC sister marches in 616 other cities in the USA, including Saint Paul. That makes me smile. Women have been looking through BS for millennia. We're pretty good at it. Today we gather, and I'll be there in spirit while Chickie marches in person. I sincerely hope that our numbers overflow and create a sea of the concerned who will be watching carefully, and who will continue working for positive change.

DH and I use emoticons all the time on our text messages

Who last called you on the phone?

The only calls I get are on my business line (except for my weekly chat with Aearwen), but I get texts all the time, usually from DH. The last text he sent was last night while watching the various Inaugural balls. He had the Liberty Ball on with "The Piano Guys" playing "Amazing Grace" and bagpipers joined the musicians for the final stanza. He sent me a text telling me 'Pipes!" with an applause emoticon - we do adore bagpipes.

So, it's the weekend and I'll be back on Monday. I'll be back at the swimming pool today because I have to swim to feel happy. I'm still working down my Christmas chocolate, one piece at a time. It's so good, but I'll be happy when it's finally all eaten - too many calories for me, but so decadent. Have a good weekend, and be kind to others. In these years to come, that will be more important than ever!

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