Monday, January 30, 2017

T-Shirts Taking Over My House!

Sometimes the best things come in their own time. Due to a backorder, illness, and a few other challenges, my BFF Sharon didn't get a chance to send my holiday gift until late last week. But what a wonderful gift. I am thrilled! It's going to be so pretty with my purple coat! (Yes, I know - I'll be able to stop traffic in a blinding snowstorm. But I LOVE it!)

My knit Denver Broncos scarf is five feet long and really soft. I
immediately tried it on. I ADORE it. The PERFECT gift. 

I've been trying to do some housecleaning every Sunday. Sometimes it's just re-organizing a cupboard or sweeping/washing the kitchen floor, but yesterday I dove into what will be a multi-week challenge - my corner of the computer room. Who knew any one person could/should/or would ever want to own so many T-shirts? Crazy!

T-shirts are often purchased as a souvenir of
a trip or an occasion. I'm guilty of this - I
have several from the Minnesota State Fair. 

I did three loads of laundry yesterday - t-shirts, sweatshirts and a load of scarves which ended up trashing some of them and I really didn't mind (light-weight scarves for daily wear really aren't the style any more and I have a ton of them). I was very happy with my sweatshirts, but OMG - too many t-shirts. I think I'll limit myself to 14-21 short-sleeved t-shirts and 7-10 long-sleeved ones. I actually wear the long sleeved ones more often, but I have some great short sleeved ones that I'll hold onto for now.

Another common category for t-shirts is
for a society or group of people. I have
t-shirts from the Maya Society of Minnesota
as well as a lovely one for the Denver Broncos. 

The biggest mass of t-shirts were the ones I get every year from attending the Bead & Button Show. I have those going back into the early 2000's, maybe even into the 1990's. I'm pulling and washing and rolling these. I might make a quilt out of them instead of taking up drawer space with something I only wear once a year. I don't think I need any more t-shirts, but it's such an easy purchase, often made without much thought. Not getting more t-shirts will require some discipline.

There are many t-shirts that feature animals,
like this lovely one celebrating the Year of
the Rooster which just started. My animal
t-shirts comprise bats, owls and other artsy critters. 

This coming Sunday is Super Bowl, and I'll be tied to the TV watching the game (yawn) and the commercials (yeah!). I doubt I'll get much cleaning done this week. But the week after, time to start cleaning out my dresser drawers, tossing things, washing things, and putting all of these newly cleaned clothes into proper locations. That'll be a job well done.

Happy Monday to all. Have an excellent day!


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