Saturday, January 28, 2017

Project Runway Junior Recap - A Real Woman Challenge

Finally have Project Runway photos, so on with the synopsis.

The episode started with a fire engine pulling up to the designers who were pulled out of the workroom by a fire drill. The challenge ... make "date night" dresses for the spouses or girlfriends of the fire fighters. It's always a challenge for a designer to work with a customer, make something that they have input into and still express their personal style. These young designers were struggling with that and the fact that their models were real women, not size zero beanstalks. Declared safe were Hawwaa and Chelsea (who was told she was lucky she had immunity from the previous challenge). That left six for the judges.


Allie combined stripes with a floral overwrap. It didn't work
on the model and it didn't work on the Runway. 

Allie wanted to layer stripes with an overwrap of a floral printed gauze. Although the idea wasn't bad, the judges thought the design didn't speak "date night" and also that the coloring and shaping didn't favor her client. Allie was on the bottom with this look.

Cartier channeled "Jessica Rabbit" with this stretch
design and made it to the final two. Her customer loved it. 

Cartier made a really boring fitted dress from stretch neoprene, but when Tim Gunn saw it in the workroom, he suggested that she think about turning it inside out. She had pinked the seams into triangles so that the seams would curve properly, and pulling it inside out really made the dress. Her customer loved it and Cartier was in the top with this look.

Chris got positives from the judges for making his own lace-overlaid
fabric, but the leather was poorly finished so knocked him back down. 

Chris toned down his usual mixed prints because his client didn't want a print at all. He put lace over a background solid for the dress, then topped it with a bolero-style leather jacket and a triangular pointed leather belt. If the jacket had been constructed better, he would have been in the top. He wasn't in the bottom, but he wasn't one of the top designs either.

Izzy created a real mess. I can't see her customer ever actually
wearing this, and I think it was a horrid choice of fabric, color
and style. I think she should have been sent home on this one. 

Izzy - what a gauzy mess! I really hated this dress and wanted her sent home on this. I've totally cooled down on our little sprout. But the judges still like her quirkiness. Here, she actually did what her customer asked her for - a loose, flowing, gauzy dress in red. If I was the client, I'd burn the mess, but no. It was a low score though.

Molly is quiet, unassuming, and listens. She also creates really nice
designs. I think she should have won with this dress, but she was in the top. 

Molly made a great panel dress with a longer removable overskirt. I really liked this design, the customer really liked this dress. I think she should have won for this outfit, but, although she was in the top, she didn't win.

Teiler was lucky he had a skinny young customer to design for. The pink
color didn't work for me, but the customer liked it, even though the zipper
broke and she had to be sewn into the dress. 

Teiler channeled Barbie for his customer, which, given the "Jessica Rabbit" outfit that Cartier made, brought movie class and boring design to the Runway. It was well made and totally form fitting, and his client really liked it, but it left me wondering what would have happened if he had a client who was a bit less curvy and sexy. After this episode, we're down to seven designers. Any one of them could win or lose.

The conclusion - Cartier won for her "Jessica Rabbit" look, although I think Molly should have been the winner. The loser was Allie for that boring stripes and flowers combo that didn't scream "date night" to the judges at all. In fact, they said it was more appropriate for running errands or going to the grocery store. I'd have to agree with the judges on this one, although I think Izzy should have been the one to hit the door.

Next week we'll have another melt down, but at least the designers will have standard Size 0 models again, so that should make them breathe sighs of relief. Have a great Saturday and enjoy your weekend. I'll be back on Monday.

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