Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Face Off, Post Cards and Meme

First of all, Face Off is on tonight, for those of you who love the show as much as I do. I'm doing the happy dance just thinking about it (another 10 calories just bit the dust). Secondly, have you sent your postcards to your Senators yet? I'm not going to tell you which concerns you should have, I think those are probably different for each one of us. But send them! Send them today!

I bought a set of four really lovely hand-designed post cards from
an Etsy artist. They are thick stock and after composing what
I wanted to write, I got them completed and mailed on Saturday.
I'm ready for the next 10 Actions in 100 Days. It should be
announced soon. 

I loved the post cards I purchased to send to my Senators. I wrote my concerns to them in multicolored pens in a spiral pattern. I want them to stand out, to not get lost in the crowd. Now I'm starting work on the Avalanche Program - a similar action with a twist. If you are interested in information on this one, message me privately. I'm still trying very hard to keep politics in the background on my blog.

Let's do a couple of days of the 365-day Meme ...

I thought this was so cute. The
drawing is by Ann C Sullivan. 

If you could do today over, would you change anything?

Well, I just woke up an hour ago, so probably not yet. But I'm sure there will be something somewhere that I'll want to have smoothed out a bit more, or an action that I will wish I had taken more time with. There's always room for improvement.

I wish I had ...

I wish I had an opportunity to spend one more hour with my parents, just to tell them how much they have meant to me over the years and how much I miss them. Who knows? Maybe they know anyway, but since I'm really not a believer in white light and welcoming hands after death, I suspect probably not. They were pretty amazing people, though, and I love and miss them every day.

So let's make it through another day. I'm going to go out and shovel the small amount of snow we got overnight and head out to the gym for my swim. Here's hoping we all have a good Tuesday.

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