Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Snow and the 365-Day Meme

Our expected snow really hit hard south of me, but I'm getting the edge. It'll be snowing for several more hours, but I'll end up with less than three inches at my place. It's wet and heavy snow, though, so I'll be putting my back into shoveling. Still - good exercise at a level where I won't feel overwhelmed.

I really do love the snow, I'm just not fond of heavy winter storms
when I have to drive and move through it. When I retire, snow days
will be perfect days to work in the studio. There's nothing much
nicer than firing up the kiln when it's cold outside. 

Of course I have errands today that will take me all around my area. I'll be spending too much time brushing snow off my car before moving along to the next stop. I'm totally grateful that we had our nice January thaw last week. I was able to get the 17 boxes of books out the door and I don't have to worry about dealing with them today. Today it's just shopping - groceries and office supplies. Then I can come home, wash clothes, change linens, talk with Aearwen, and start getting things together for my income taxes (ick!).

On with the 365-Day Meme.....

The lack of appropriate punctuation in the above bothers me. I should
probably have been less lazy and cropped and re-captioned
the photo to put the punctuation in. Grrrrrrr.....

What made today unusual?

Well, I've only been awake for about 45 minutes, so not a lot of time to have "unusual" but I actually do have something. I killed an ant in the downstairs bathroom shortly after I woke up. This makes me NOT happy. It's not one of the big ones, and it's not a sugar ant - it's a size I rarely see inside the house, and the second one in that bathroom in less than 24 hours. Time to keep my eyes open and try to discover where/why they are coming from. *sigh*

Many homeless teens are LGBTQIA who have been kicked out of their
homes because of their personal sexuality. That's just SO wrong. But
it's also so common. I'll be choosing my charities for this year with great care. 

What are you looking for from life?

I hope that I will have had the chance to positively impact the lives of people and make theirs better in some respect. It could be through an art piece, through something I've written, or through one or more of the donations I make throughout the year - monetary or physical goods. I know it sounds high-falutin' and a bit over the top, but I'm into the last third of my life now and that's really all I care about. I will be choosing my charities very carefully this year so as to help people at risk in the best way I can as well as keeping a lot of my donations at the local level. I think a lot of governmental funding will be cut off and a lot of very vulnerable people will suffer because of that.

So there you have it - my Wednesday blog. As I get the trash and recycling ready, shovel what snow has already accumulated on the driveway, and head out for the pool, I wish each and every one of you a totally fabulous mid-week day.

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