Thursday, January 26, 2017

Acts of Kindness, We Remember and The Meme

Look at the other side. It's been one of those sayings or recommendations for a very long time. Turn the other cheek, look to the other side, the grass is always greener elsewhere, the night is darkest before the dawn, etc. Things are pretty dark right now and likely to be that way for a while. I can protest, I can write my congressional representatives, I can wear a pink pussy ear hat; yes. There are many things that I can do to express my fears and dissatisfaction. But the only thing I can do that will directly affect anyone else is to be kind.

Just a single act of kindness can brighten someone's entire
day. Spread joy and happiness, there's too much darkness
around right now. 

So I'm making it my goal to do something kind every day. I'm hoping that like ripples in a pond, my kindness will influence someone else to be kind, and so on, and so on. Killing with kindness would be a better way to die. At least I think/hope so. To that end, yesterday I secretly bought breakfast for a pair of women who often eat at my local Perkins. Today I'm going to design and print out some sayings on business cards that I can hand out to bring a smile to people, and I'll seriously consider printing out and posting an "All People Are Welcome Here" sign for my store's door. Kindness can be infectious.

I believe this with all my heart. I've resized this and have added
it as an avatar for LJ also. It's just a good reminder of the little
things we each can do that mean so much. 

Tonight is Project Runway Junior night, so I'm looking forward to seeing what these talented young designers can come up with this time. Face-Off, on Tuesday night, was spectacular and so much fun. I'm delighted that I can once again watch such a creative show.

One last thing before I continue with the 365-Day Meme. The World Jewish Congress has come out with a video and a campaign called *We Remember*. I posted it on my FaceBook page yesterday, but in case you want to be involved in this, check out the website page in the link I've provided above and join me. We remember, and we swear that we will do everything in our power to never allow another Holocaust, Killing Fields, Rwanda, etc to happen. Click on the *WeRemember* banner at the top of their page to see a short, but wonderful, video, watch the short video above in my blog, use the hashtag #WeRemember in your posts to various social media, and join this movement.

Now for the 365-Day Meme ....

Love is a wonderful thing. Cherish it, nurture it, and
pass it on. 

Who is the last person to tell you they loved you?

My DH makes it a point to tell me at least once a day that he loves me. He often tells me much more frequently than that. It makes me very happy, so that's an awesome thing. Go out and tell someone that you love them too - it's important and it will make their day.

What is the favorite piece of art that you own?

I have a lovely multi-stone sculpture of a bear that DH bought for me many years ago. We saw it at our favorite art gallery and I fell in love. The price tag was worn, and we thought it was a LOT less when we looked at it because the first number had been almost worn off the tag. It was several HUNDRED dollars more than what we had thought, but we bought it anyway and paid the credit card off for months. It's still one of my absolute favorite pieces, though and I've never regretted the purchase.

Give a flower to someone today, brighten their world. 

So there you go. Go forth and have a wonderful Thursday and make someone's day a bit brighter today. Give a stranger a flower, buy a cup of coffee for a homeless person, help a child color a picture, help build a snowman with the kids down the block. Let's keep the darkness at bay for one more day.

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