Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Late Today - Memories and Changes

Yesterday afternoon I got hit with a sudden sore throat so I decided to take things easy. I went to bed early and slept in until 6:00 am today to try and knock this cold out of me before it really took hold. Of course, that means today's blog is late, but I'm still here and here we go ...

The photo is dated October 23, 2016. We were almost finished here, but
as I recall, he did work another week or so on it. Still, not too bad
for a summer's work project and I'm so very impressed with all of the
work he did! 

4.     What is your best memory of last year?

Wow, so much happened last year, it's hard. But I think I'd have to say watching DH make "the castle" in our back yard was pretty amazing. I never thought he would do something so extensive and so wonderful. It large, all-encompassing, and not finished yet, but so close. This year will begin stage two of the project. I'm not sure how many stages actually exist, but it's going to be absolutely amazing!

There is always hope. I believe that much evil is caused by
circumstance and environment. In a place of no hope, it is easy to
give up and hard to push through to see possibility.
Spread love today and start those ripples moving in a
positive direction. 

5.    Can people change?

Of course people can change, we see evidence of that every day. Good people can become horrid, bad people can become saintly. I think it is this possibility of change that makes me have hope because even the worst person usually has the change of altering their behavior or demonstrating compassion and love. Of course, there are always sociopaths to show that my optimism is totally misplaced!

Here's hoping you have a wonderful Wednesday. It's my "day off" and I'll be running all around from the bank to the store. I'm also planning to get the 17 boxes of paperback books out of my front entryway and over to Half Priced Books. Someone else will be delighted to own them, and I'll be delighted to have them out of my house. The small amount of cash will also be welcome. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully feeling much better, and back on my normal schedule.

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